Dienstag, 28. Februar 2017

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Map points to creative places

The Fashionoffice Map is the new social media feature, which can be used passively and actively

(lifePR) (Vienna, ) The Fashionoffice Map, a Google map with interesting fashion points worldwide, is the new social media feature on Fashionoffice. The map can be used on users' websites as well as fashion points from others can be imported to the Fashionoffice Map.

Passive usage

Probably most of the internet users know how to handle a Google map. Since four weeks, Fashionoffice fills an own map with information about interesting fashion-related places. The new social media feature Fashionoffice Map can be used passively by the users such as embedding the map into a website or blog, setting a hyperlink to the map in general or to a selected point, or sending the link by email.

Active usage

The RSS data feature makes this map so practical! The RSS data can be uploaded into another personalized map. For example: a user with an own map on Google can import the data from the Fashionoffice Map with interesting fashion points worldwide. If a user has already an own map with relevant points, Fashionoffice can import these interesting points from the other map and spread the information to the users of the magazine.

Invitation to send fashion schedules on a map

In January, February and March, Fashionoffice has received many show schedules for the fashion weeks in Paris, London, New York etc. Unfortunately, time is limited at Fashionoffice and not all of the interesting information that was sent could be published. But now, Fashionoffice can integrate Google map RSS into the magazine. Fashionoffice hopes that the new service provides a better overview when and where a fashion event happens so that designers, the shows, and showrooms can be found easily.

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