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EMA - NEUER SONG "DARK SHADOWS" von der EP "Outtakes From Exile" (02.02.2018)

EMA Depeche Mode Support: Berlin + Nürnberg + Wien EMA Headline Shows: Dresden + Berlin

Berlin, (lifePR) - An 02.02. erscheint die neue EP "Outtakes From Exile" von EMA und heute gibt es mit "Dark Shadows" einen neuen Song daraus zu hören. Die neue EP beinhaltet insgesamt fünf Outtakes aus ihrem aktuellen Album "Exile In The Outer Ring", das wir im August veröffentlicht haben. Ab nächster Woche ist EMA mit ihrer Band auf Tour und spielt neben den Support Shows mit DEPECHE MODE eigene Headline Shows, unter anderem in Berlin und Dresden. Alle Daten siehe unten.

“I wrote “Dark Shadows” for the film 20th Century Women” explains Erika M. Anderson. “ There was a moment when they were looking for a band to play in a punk club and thought maybe EMA would be a good fit. That didn’t end up happening, but I was intrigued by the premise — badass women living in 1970s Santa Barbara getting into punk. That’s all I knew! But I wrote the song with that in mind.  I think of it as a survivor song, someone leaving a dark past behind, emerging again into the world. Whoever it is they definitely are wearing sunglasses.” (Erika M. Anderson)

EMA LIVE 2018:
15.01. Dresden, DE @ Groovestation
16.01. Berlin, DE @ Auster-Club
17.01. Berlin, DE @ Mercedes-Benz Arena (w/ Depeche Mode)
19.01. Berlin, DE @ Mercedes-Benz Arena (w/ Depeche Mode)
21.01. Nürnberg, DE @ Nürnberger Arena (w/ Depeche Mode)
23.01. Paris, FR @ Le Supersonic Festival
24.01. Bordeaux, FR @ Bordeaux Metropole Arena (w/ Depeche Mode)
26.01. Luzern, CH @ Sedel
27.01. Milan, IT @ Mediolanum Forum (w/ Depeche Mode)
29.01. Milan, IT @ Mediolanum Forum (w/ Depeche Mode)
31.01. Prague, CZ @ O2 Arena (w/ Depeche Mode)
01.02. Brno, CZ @ Leitnerova Club
02.02. Budapest, HU @ BSA (w/ Depeche Mode)
03.02. Kosice, SK @ Tabačka Kulturfabrik
04.02. Wien, AT @ Stadhalle (w/ Depeche Mode)

Tracklist: EMA - "Outtakes From Exile" EP (VÖ: 02.02.2018)
01. Dark Shadows (Official Audio)
02. MopTops (Twist While The World Stops) (Official Audio)
03. I Don't Treat Anything Good
04. From The Love That We Made
05. Breathalyzer Instrumental (EMA long cut)

Praise for "Exile in the Outer Ring":

"Erika M. Anderson's third solo album is a surreal and powerful story about political alienation. Her character-driven songs of noise, folk, and pop music thrum with rage and fear." - Pitchfork

"She is one of current indie music's great world builders, versed in heavy metal's sense of myth, industrial music's lessons in texture, and feminist punk's mandate to tell stories still mostly hidden in the shadows." - NPR Music

"...Exile In The Outer Ring could stand as one of the artistic triumphs of this dark time." - The A.V. Club

"All throughout Exile in the Outer Ring, whispers and screams, noise and tune, light and darkness trade places until the differences of disappear. For some this will feel like resistance; for others, existence. In truth, it is a bit of both." - Rolling Stone

"This is heavy music, but it's beautiful, too, and you can get lost in it." - Stereogum

"You don't listen to Exile, you explore it. Each successive track is one step further into darkness." - Bandcamp

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