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Balmorhea | Neues Album Clear Language Ab 22. September 2017 Via Western Vinyl | Titel Track Jetzt

Wuppertal, (lifePR) - When  Rob  Lowe  and  Michael  Muller  founded  Balmorhea  in  2006,  their  goals  and  expectations  were modest, as they created music to share with friends and family, and slowly developed a following in their hometown  of  Austin  and  beyond.  They  couldn't  have  anticipated  that  their  music  would  take  them  on multiple tours  of  the  US  and  Europe,  and  even to  Asia.

Lowe  and  Muller  had  developed  a  wordless  language  with  a  seemingly  limitless  potential  to  stir  the listener's soul. Over the course of five full-length albums and a 7" EP, the duo pushed their work to its outer bounds, concluding the first chapter of their career with their maximalist, genre-leaping full-length Stranger (2012). Now five years later they return with their most fully realized album to-date, Clear Language.

Almost a decade on the road, near-constant musical output, and shifting creative priorities caused Lowe and Muller, to soberly assess the band’s future. What, in the form of Balmorhea, was there left to say? And did they have the energy to say it? To answer that question the duo decamped to their east Austin studio, where they worked simply and with restraint, letting intuition guide them as they molded 30-plus raw ideas into the 10 elegant, spacious gestures that comprise Clear Language.

Co-produced and engineered by David Boyle in Austin’s Church House Studios, Clear Language finds the duo returning to the simplicity of their roots. They eschewed complexity for complexity’s sake, allowing a watery,  sand-hued  mood  to  settle  over their  use  of  analog  synthesizers,  piano, vibraphone,  electric  and bass guitar, violin, viola, field recordings, and, for the first time in the band’s history, trumpet, performed by Tedeschi Trucks' Ephraim Owens. A relaxed, clear-eyed sense of reflection flows gracefully through the album as these two old friends transmit unfettered meaning through simple sonic gestures that resonate with the cosmos as much as they echo the pulse of a human heart.

In a culture dominated by the loudest, ostentatious  voices,  Lowe  and  Muller  continue  to  prove  the  power  and  importance  of  restraint  and minimalism. This fall, in cities across the U.S. and Europe, Balmorhea will bring Clear Language to life with a full band of multi-instrumentalists,  and  the  ensemble  will  be  enshrouded  in  a  light/video  projection  that’s  being developed to mirror the emotional tone of Clear Language. Audiences can also expect to hear classic works from  All is Wild,  All is  Silent,  Stranger,  Constellations —  the  spareness  of  which invites  comparisons  to Clear Language — and more from Balmorhea’s dense catalog, dating back to 2006.


01. Clear Language
Sky Could Undress
Slow Stone
Behind The World
Waiting Itself
All Flowers
First Light

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