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Love (and some hate) in international media coverage of Germany wolf expedition

(lifePR) (Höchberg, ) Biosphere Expeditions' inaugural Germany wolf expedition this summer came back with excellent results that exceeded all expectations. The international press acknowledged this, most recently on Saturday on Germany's VOX TV station, but also in Germany's most prestigious weekly, Der Spiegel, or the UK's Geographical magazine.

But not everyone is happy.

The president of the state hunting association, which gathers all official wolf monitoring data, as well as some local media, appeared enraged by citizen scientist from all over the world having helped with and contributed to wolf monitoring efforts in the summer. So much so, that our executive director published an open letter rejecting their inaccurate reporting and surprisingly churlish public discourse.

But all this is perhaps not so surprising after all, given that the return of the wolf was heavily politicised in the state's recent elections. The president of the state hunting association is a conservative (CDU) member of the state parliament and his party, on an anti-wolf ticket, lost the elections to the wolf-friendly social democrats (SPD). With hindsight, however, this is perhaps not so surprising, since there is no popular support for wolf eradication - which in any case is illegal under European law. Moreover, the conservative candidates with the most radical anti-wolf agenda, appear to have suffered the heaviest losses.

Whatever the shape of the new state government (coalition talks are underway at the moment), Biosphere Expeditions looks forward to returning to Germany and helping with wolf monitoring in the summer of 2018.

Biosphere Expeditions Deutschland

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