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Ford, ExxonMobil, Opel at the top of the list

Largest employees: 20 US companies represent more than 300,000 jobs / Survey: Germany "satisfactory" as a high-tech location

Frankfurt am Main, (lifePR) - Today the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (abbreviated "AmCham Germany") released its annual salesbased ranking of the largest US companies and subsidiaries in Germany based on revenues in 2011.

Revenue growth in a location with significant research and innovation with high export volume

Sales of American subsidiaries in Germany grew slightly overall last year. Germany profits from strong exports and therefore also from demand from abroad, including from developing countries. Germany as a business location profits from globalization because many centralized functions, including research and development, must be expanded alongside international business growth. This is also true for foreign subsidiaries. Germany is traditionally a business location with robust research and innovation.

Sales rankings

The revenues are based on net revenues, i.e., revenues not including any taxes. An exception to this is the petroleum and tobacco tax. Banks, financial firms and financial investors (i.e., private equity firms) are not included in the ranking. The entire investment by American firms in Germany is approximately €130 billion. In addition, there is approximately €50 billion in private equity investment. In total there are 2,200 operative companies in Germany with American capital.

Ranking: the top − Ford, ExxonMobil, Opel

The car manufacturer Ford made €18.750 billion in sales in Germany in 2011. As was the case in the preceding two years, Ford is again at the top of the list of the largest companies in Germany with American capital. ExxonMobil ("Esso") is in second place with €12.8 billion in sales in Germany (including petroleum tax). The car manufacturer Opel is in third place with €12.5 billion in sales. Phillips 66 Continental Holding GmbH ("Jet") is in fourth place with estimated sales of €11.2 billion (including petroleum tax).

Places 5 through 10

GE Germany is in fifth place with €9.55 billion in sales (estimate). IBM Group is in sixth place with €9.4 billion in sales (estimate). Hewlett Packard comes in at seventh place with €6.38 billion in sales. The tobacco company Philip Morris is in eighth place with €6.28 billion in sales (including tobacco tax). Dow Gruppe Deutschland is in ninth place with €5.6 billion in sales. Procter & Gamble Germany rounds out the top 10 with an estimated €4.9 billion in sales.

(Ranking 1-50, see attached)

Biggest employers − McDonald's, Ford, Opel

The biggest employer among US companies is McDonald's Deutschland with 64,000 employees, followed by Ford-Werke with 24,490 employees and Burger King with 23,500 (estimate). Opel has 22,723 employees and IBM Gruppe 22,000 (estimate). The ten largest employees among the largest companies in Germany with American capital (McDonald's, Ford-Werke, Burger King, Opel, IBM Gruppe, Manpower Group, Johnson controls, UPS, Procter & Gamble, TRW) together account for approximately 240,000 jobs.

Survey: Germany "satisfactory" as a high-tech location

The companies surveyed gave Germany an average grade of 2.6 for its attractiveness as a high-tech location. The most important factors that contribute to a high-tech location were identified as: a sufficient supply of well-educated workers (84%); Germany's central location in the middle of Europe (58%); and the diversity of industry present (55%).

The companies surveyed see the greatest need for action in the European debt crisis and the lack of qualified workers (84% and 77% respectively). Other economic risks were identified as: high energy prices (by 39% of companies surveyed); an environment generally unfavorable to business (29%); and weakening demand from abroad (23%).

The following measures were identified by the companies surveyed as measures to ensure Germany's future as a high-tech location: easing immigration restrictions for qualified workers (50%); cooperation programs between companies and schools/universities (50%); and a general framework more conducive to innovation (43%).

A majority of the companies (59%) indicated that they intend to continue to invest in the high-tech sector in Germany.

Research, good education and innovation are the keys to new technologies, further growth, jobs and prosperity. It is therefore important that the country retains and expands upon its leading position in high-tech industries such as materials technologies, product technologies, energy efficiency and engineering. A welldeveloped base for academic, scientific and research study is the prerequisite for innovation. This is why the promotion of top-level research on the international level as well as those aspiring to enter the field should be increased.

The need for highly-educated workers is great and even today cannot always be met. In order to afford for enough workers over the long-term and thus allow companies to work effectively, emphasis on the one hand should be placed on immigration of qualified workers from abroad - but also on workers' potential, including women, in Germany, and this should be developed and used to their full potential. The German Federal Government has set the course for controlled immigration through the recognition of academic qualifications obtained abroad and through the adaptation of the EU "blue card."

The top executives of the largest companies with more than 50% American capital were surveyed. 31 companies participated.

With approximately 3,000 members, AmCham Germany is the largest bilateral business association in Europe. The Chamber is a bridge of communication to investors in the United States. The advancement of German-American economic relations and Germany as a business location form the core of the Chamber's mission.

American Chamber of Commerce in Germany e.V.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Germany strives to enhance global economic and trade relations built on a strong foundation of American and German partnership. We actively support and promote our members' interests through our global networks in business, politics and AmChams worldwide. AmCham Germany enables cross-cultural understanding, cooperation and new investment through our commitment to transparent dialogue, unrestricted trade and a competitive and open business climate.

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