Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

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Deutsche Post: Mail Prices in Germany to Remain Stable in 2010

No changes to domestic mail product prices / Price increases for Großbrief (large letters) and international mail charged by kilogram

(lifePR) (Bonn, ) Prices for letters and post cards delivered by Deutsche Post within Germany will remain the same next year. The Federal Network Agency, which regulates the most important letter prices, has accepted the respective pricing proposal of Deutsche Post.

Postage for Standardbrief (standard letter) in Germany will remain 55 euro cents for the eighth year since a price reduction in 2003 while the quality of service stays as high as today. The prices for other domestic mail products such as postcards, Kompaktbrief (compact letter), Großbrief (large letter), Maxibrief (over-sized letter) as well as special mail services are also maintained. Deutsche Post is sending a very clear signal that it wants to keep prices stable so that domestic customers may benefit in the coming year from steady mail prices despite rising production costs.

Prices for international Großbrief (Europe) letters weighing up to 500 grams will change from 3.00 Euros to 3.40 Euros. The price for International Cash On Delivery (COD) will also change. The Federal Network Agency also approved a price increase for international letters charged at kilogram rates.

By these price changes, Deutsche Post doesn't make use of the whole range legally granted under the price cap procedure for 2010.

Deutsche Post AG

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