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ContiTech: Expert Tips on Replacing Timing Belts

Detailed instructions for the Volkswagen Golf 1.6L 16V / ContiTech shows how to avoid making mistakes when replacing belts

(lifePR) (Hannover, ) The 1.6L 16V engine has been installed on a mass scale in Volkswagen vehicles. When the timing belt is replaced, however, serious mistakes are often made. To ensure that the belts are replaced without any problems, ContiTech Power Transmission Group is providing mechanics with detailed installation tips. Step by step, the ContiTech expert explains the proper procedure for replacing belts.

The manufacturer recommends checking and, if necessary, replacing the timing belt every 90,000 km, and then every 30,000 km.

The procedure takes 2.5 hours.

Tip: When the timing belt is replaced, the tension pulley, idler pulley, tensioner and water pump should also be replaced.

Fitters require the following special tools:

1. Camshaft locking tool (except ARC/ARR/AVY) - VW no. T10016
2. Camshaft locking tools (ARC/ARR/AVY) - VW no. T10074
3. Arrester for crankshaft belt pulley with accompanying bolts (except ARC/ATN/AUS/AVY/AZD/BCB) - VW no. T3415
4. Arrester for crankshaft belt pulley (ARC/ATN/AUS/AVY/AZD/BCB) - VW no. T10028

Preparatory work:
- Identify the vehicle using the engine code.
- Disconnect the vehicle's battery.
- Do not turn the crankshaft or camshaft when the timing belts have been removed.
- Remove spark plugs so that the engine can turn more easily.
- Turn the engine in the normal direction of rotation (clockwise).
- Turn the engine ONLY at the crankshaft sprocket and not at other sprockets.
- Comply with all tightening torques.

Removing the camshaft belt:
1. Jack up the front of the vehicle and support it.
2. Remove the upper engine cover, the complete air filter, the upper timing belt cover and the steering oil storage tank (do NOT detach the hoses).
3. Turn the crankshaft to the right to TDC (OT) in the first cylinder. The control markings on the crankshaft belt pulley must be aligned.
4. Check whether the locating holes on the camshaft sprockets are aligned. If they are not aligned, turn the crankshaft to the right a further complete turn.
5. Insert the locking tool at the camshaft sprockets (Fig. 1): Tool no. T10016. If the engine code is ARC/ARR/AVY: Tool no. T10074 6. Remove the right-hand engine mount (Fig. 2), the holder for the right-hand engine mount and the lower engine cover on the right.

ContiTech Antriebssysteme GmbH

7. Lower the engine until you can reach the crankshaft belt pulley screw.
8. Remove drive belts for auxiliaries (V-ribbed belts).
9. Insert the arrester for the crankshaft belt pulley: Tool no. 3415. Engine code ARC/ATN/AUS/AVY/AZD/BCB: Tool no. T10028.
10. Unscrew the crankshaft belt pulley screw.
11. Remove the arrester for the crankshaft belt pulley. Unscrew the crankshaft belt pulley screw and remove the crankshaft belt pulley.
12. Place two washers onto the fastening screw of the crankshaft belt pulley. Screw in the crankshaft belt pulley screw and tighten it slightly (Fig. 3). Remove the lower timing belt cover. In some models with air conditioning, you also also have to remove the tension pulley and idler pulley of the V-ribbed belt to make things easier.
13. Unscrew the tension pulley screw.
14. Turn the tension pulley to the left to release the tension on the belt.
15. Remove the camshaft locking tool (T10016), except if the engine code is ARC/ARR/AVY.
16. Remove the timing belt.
17. Re-insert the camshaft locking tool.

Note: A used timing belt should not be reused again.

Removing the drive belts for the exhaust camshaft:
1. Unscrew the tension pulley screw.
2. Turn the tension pulley to the right to release the tension on the timing belt.
3. Remove the tension pulley screw, drive belt tension pulley and drive belt.

Installing the drive belts for the exhaust camshaft:
1. The locking tool must have been inserted at the camshaft sprockets.
2. Position the timing belt in a clockwise direction, starting at the top at the intake camshaft sprocket.
3. Make sure that the timing belt is tight between the camshaft sprockets.
4. Hold the tension pulley in the installation position. Rotate the tension pulley's eccentric so that the Allen screw points in the 3 o'clock direction.
5. Install the tension pulley and tension pulley screw.
6. Tighten the tension pulley screw until it is finger-tight.

Note: The retaining lug on the mounting board must sit in the cylinder head hole (Fig. 4).

7. Turn the tension pulley's eccentric to the left until the pointer is flush with the marking for the mounting board's clamp (Fig. 5).
8. Tighten the tension pulley screw to 20 Nm.

Installing the camshaft belt:
1. The locking tool must have been attached to the camshaft sprockets.
2. The control marking on the crankshaft sprocket must be aligned.
3. Insert the tension pulley. The fork of the base plate must have been placed around the screw on the crankshaft housing (Fig. 6). Using the Allen key, place the tension pulley's eccentric in an anti-clockwise direction in the 10 o'clock position. Counter-tighten the screw by hand.
4. Place the timing belt onto the water pump, tension pulley, crankshaft sprocket, idler pulley and intake camshaft sprocket in that order (Fig. 7).
5. Turn the Allen key clockwise (Fig. 8). The pointer must be flush with the recess (to the right of the fork) of the mounting board (Fig. 9).
6. Tighten the tension pulley to 20 Nm (Fig. 10).
7. Remove the arrester.
8. Turn the engine twice in the direction of engine rotation. Position the engine at top dead center cylinder 1. Insert the camshaft's arrester. Insert the locking pins. The ends of the locking pins must be at the same height. If the arrester cannot be inserted, correct the control times. Check the timing belt tension again.
9. Remove the crankshaft belt pulley screw.
10. Install the lower timing belt cover, crankshaft belt pulley and the newly oiled screw for the crankshaft belt pulley.
11. Insert the arrester for the crankshaft belt pulley (as per engine code).
12. Tighten the crankshaft belt pulley screw. Tightening torque: 90 Nm + 90°.
13. Remove the arrester and install the components in reverse order of removal.

Record the replacement of the original ContiTech timing belt on the sticker provided and affix it in the engine compartment.

Test-run the engine or take a test drive.

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