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Rectification of the 2008 semi-annual report

(lifePR) (Niederwangen b. Bern, ) An examination of the 2008 semi-annual financial statements has revealed that - due to misunderstandings in connection with the initial consolidation of Omni Investors Pte. Ltd., which was acquired in January 2008 -

«Cash provided by operating activities», «Cash used for investing activities» and «Cash provided by financing activities» were incorrectly stated by the Adval Tech Group. The balance sheet and income statement are not affected by these errors. The corrected version of the semi-annual report can be downloaded from the Internet at the following address:

The Adval Tech Group has made the following corrections to the cash flow statement in the 2008 semi-annual financial statements:
- The currency hedge of 1.4 million CHF closed out without any impact on earnings has been reclassified for calculation of «Cash provided by operating activities», without any impact on this figure.
- A payment obligation of Omni Investors Pte. Ltd. in the amount of 2.0 million CHF, which was erroneously omitted when compiling the «Increase/decrease in short-term liabilities» item, has been included. «Cash provided by operating activities» was correspondingly too high.
- The total purchase price payable for the acquisition of Omni, including the purchase price liability due for payment in 2010 and the reduction in the purchase price due to the revised budget figures, was erroneously applied when calculating «Cash used for investing activities».

As a result, the figures stated for «Cash used for investing activities» and «Cash provided by financing activities» were correspondingly too high, while «Free cash flow» was too low.

Adval Tech Holding AG

The Adval Tech Group is a leading global supplier of tools, special machinery, subassemblies, systems and volume components in the technology sectors of stamping and forming (metals) and injection molding (plastics). It is a supplier and value-adding partner for companies in selected industries where metal, plastic or composite components are manufactured and used in large volumes. Adval Tech covers the entire value chain: from product design and the development of volume components through design and production of the necessary molds and dies to complete manufacturing systems and the resulting production of components. The Adval Tech Group focuses on selected markets in the automotive, medical technology and consumer goods sectors.Adval Tech trades on the markets under the names of Styner+Bienz, QSCH, AWM, Foboha, Teuscher and Omni.

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