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New Premium Program launched for Onlineprinters customers

, Medien & Kommunikation, Onlineprinters GmbH -

Onlineprinters, the provider of online printing services, is a powerful and reliable print partner to professional users such as companies, agencies...


QMILK- Naturkosmetik gewinnt den Wellness- Innovationspreis 2015

, Beauty & Wellness, Qmilch Deutschland GmbH

Der bekannte Wellness- Innovationspreis wurde in diesem Jahr erstmals auf Europas bekanntester Fachmesse BEAUTY in Düsseldorf vergeben. In der...

Continental Will Present its Solutions at Auto Shanghai 2015 under the Theme "Chinese Dream"

, Mobile & Verkehr, Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

At the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, the global leading automotive supplier, tire producer and industry partner...

Gardening without backache

, Gesundheit & Medizin, AGR e.V.

The first warm spring days are the best chance for gardening fans to get their garden ready for the summer after the long winter's break. They...

Best Western International certifies cloud-based hotel software protel Air

, Unterhaltung & Technik, protel hotelsoftware GmbH

Best Western International announces the certification of the cloud hotel management system protel Air, developed by Germany-based protel hotelsoftware....

Dr. Michael Fries on the podium of the "Online Print Symposium 2015" in Munich

, Medien & Kommunikation, Onlineprinters GmbH -

Munich / Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany – Dr. Michael Fries, chief of the online print shop Onlineprinters, is going to discuss the internationalisation...

Flowing bathroom objects in steel/enamel: BetteLux

, Bauen & Wohnen, Bette GmbH & Co. KG

Some products can be read. Their shapes tell their stories. The bath and washbasin BetteLux belong to this category, and the story told by them...

BetteArt: Freestanding, seamless and with a narrow rim

, Bauen & Wohnen, Bette GmbH & Co. KG

Bette blazes new trails with BetteArt. The steel/enamel specialist has developed the first freestanding bath that is not derived from an existing...

BetteBicolour: Of a seam that isn’t there

, Bauen & Wohnen, Bette GmbH & Co. KG

When it comes to freestanding baths in elegant steel/enamel, Bette likes to refer to one of the company's specialities: seamless monolithic baths...

Bath and shower to measure

, Bauen & Wohnen, Bette GmbH & Co. KG

Bathroom design is a creative process, and it is one in which the room's layout can collide with the standard dimensions of the bathroom objects....

BetteModules – high-quality bathroom furniture in an intelligent modular design

, Bauen & Wohnen, Bette GmbH & Co. KG

Baths, showers and washbasins in steel/enamel – these are the core competences of the Delbrück-based family-owned company, Bette. Since 1952,...

Steel and steel/enamel: Bathroom objects in a frame

, Bauen & Wohnen, Bette GmbH & Co. KG

BetteLux Shape is a new steel/enamel bathroom concept that turns things inside out by adopting a new approach towards washbasins and baths. In...

WILDFIT - Yvonne Reichelt

, Medien & Kommunikation, WildFit Deutschland

Hi! My name is Yvonne, I am 32 years old and I live in Dresden, Germany with my fiancé Robert and our 2.5 years old son Kian. After studying...

WILDFIT - Robert Schillack for you

, Essen & Trinken, WildFit Deutschland

Hi, I am Robert, I am 36 years old and I live with my fiancée Yvonne and our son Kian in Dresden, Germany. After engineering and MBA studies,...

Neue Impulse für 200 E-Mail-Marketing-Professionals

, Medien & Kommunikation, Inxmail GmbH

Durchschlagender Erfolg bei der Inxmail Inspire Conference 2015: Gleich die erste Auflage der neuen Fachkonferenz rund um das E-Mail- und Online-Marketing...

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