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Exclusive: Carbonfiber Dynamics presents the Eventuri Air Intake Systems for BMW F8x M3/M4, F10 M5 and F1x M6

, Mobile & Verkehr, CFD GmbH

Carbonfiber Dynamics is the specialized distributor for automotive components made of carbon fiber. The exclusive carbon parts from the British...

EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES 2016 - more "lightness" and resource efficiency in mechanical and plant engineering

, Medien & Kommunikation, Messe Augsburg ASMV GmbH

When "EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES - powered by JEC Group", the new major international trade show for composite fiber materials and lightweight construction,...


, Mobile & Verkehr, VOS GmbH

To create a stimulating re-interpretation of an automobile icon and assemble something incredibly unique: This is one of the specialties of the...

Mathew Hayman Wins Paris-Roubaix


After riding a smart race the whole day, Hayman proved to be the strongest when it came to a sprint of five after a grueling 253 kilometers. A...


, Mobile & Verkehr, BBM Motorsport

BBM Motorsport in Senden near Münster offers the latest development in chip tuning software as their core business. In addition, the company's...

Highspeed-Internet im Lautertal

, Energie & Umwelt, GGEW, Gruppen-Gas- und Elektrizitätswerk Bergstraße Aktiengesellschaft

Die GGEW AG, die Gemeinde Lautertal und die Wirtschaftsförderung Bergstraße GmbH haben mit einem ersten Spatenstich im Lautertaler Ortsteil Beedenkirchen...

PORSCHE 911 EVERGREEN - Nostalgia in perfection made by KAEGE

, Mobile & Verkehr, Kaege GmbH

A great dream of the automobile all-round car tuning company KAEGE GmbH at Stetten in Rhineland-Palatine, Germany, is especially near and dear...

Spectacular, Strictly Limited Edition Model: Ktm X-Bow GT "Black Edition" Resplendent In Carbon!

, Mobile & Verkehr, KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

Just five units of the exclusively equipped small series production model to be built With the KTM X-BOW GT “BLACK EDITION” “fully carbon” is...

Hightech und Umsatzplus

, Mobile & Verkehr, Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH

Drei zusätzliche Palettenstellplätze – diesen Volumenvorteil macht sich die Grüßing Spedition mit ihrem neuen Fliegl RoadRunner Xtra-Long (14,90...


, Mobile & Verkehr, Kaege GmbH

All brand car import, tuning, (re)construction, service for racing aims or special retrofitting for utility vehicles – the KAEGE GmbH Company...

KTM X-Bow GT by Wimmer Rennsporttechnik

, Mobile & Verkehr, Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Solingen GmbH

The WIMMER Rennsporttechnik Solingen GmbH is German sales partner and class A dealer of the KTM Sportcar GmbH Company. The KTM X-Bow GT is convincing...

Roding Roadster R1 as exclusive «dÄHLer competition line»

, Mobile & Verkehr, Dähler Design & Technik GmbH

Based upon long years of experience and competence in fields of optimized BMW models and power uprated BMW engines, Daehler Design & Technik...

Lamborghini bull wrapped in Tricolor flames

, Mobile & Verkehr, MIRANDA MEDIA

That one who trusts his vehicle to the tuning and wrapping company PRINT TECH at Munich, will become witness of a metamorphosis, because there,...

Etisalat nimmt den Familiensender Fix&Foxi exklusiv in sein Portfolio auf

, Familie & Kind, Your Family Entertainment AG

Der Kinder- und Familiensender Fix&Foxi wird exklusiv bei Etisalat's eLIFE TV, dem führenden Telekommunikationsun­ternehmen der Vereinigten Arabischen...

C 63 AMG by Carbonfiber Dynamics

, Mobile & Verkehr, CFD GmbH

Who lives in the Ruhr area and work before all with carbon fiber, has a specific attitude towards the notion of “coal scuttle”. Since 2010, the...

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