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Hassan Khan Lust

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) Opening Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 7 p.m.
Duration August 27 – October 18, 2008

From August 27 through to October 18, 2008, uqbar projectspace will host an exhibition of new work by artist and musician Hassan Khan. While Khan has exhibited widely in Europe and the Middle East, Lust represents the artist's first solo show in Berlin.

To date, Khan's work has largely focused on drawing out an emotional logic of collective cultural systems and forms of production, exploring, for instance, the unconscious of Cairo's popular shaabi music (DOM TAK TAK DOM TAK, 2005), the existential charge animating anthropomorphic cartoons (stuffedpigfollies, 2007), and the authoritarian underpinnings of the artist's presentation as form (I AM NOT WHAT I AM, 2006-ongoing). The immersive nature of the work commands the viewer's full involvement. In contrast, his current exhibition is at first glance a surprisingly demure affair.

Elements of the approach Khan has been developing over a ten-year period are present in Lust, and the current exhibition extends the artist's longstanding interest in photography. At the same time, Lust's intimate scale is an attempt at personal resonance and immediacy, which represents a shift away from the often complex and monumental nature of previous works.

The exhibition features a series of fifty photographic miniatures taken on Khan's cell phone. Uneven resolution and subterranean colour, careful attention to composition and display combine to create a series of minimal images, the traces of an idiosyncratic photographic subconscious. Each picture records fleeting objects, people, and places: a document of travel and everyday life that catches an intangible and theatrical superfluity.

The images are, maybe paradoxically, both exceptionally clear and enigmatic: from a pornographically cheerful ceramic pig advertising cold cuts, to an image of a fluorescent-lit, tiled office in Egypt's Palace of Culture, and a spectrum of hotel room lights in the various cities Khan has passed through in the past twelve months. In one picture an old, balding man with long white hair walks away from the camera. The artist suggests this image somehow has something to do with civilization. From Khan's invisible cell phone lens the world is possessed.

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