Sonntag, 04. Dezember 2016

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The Habsburg-thriller - theft, fraud and organized international character assassination

Research report - with a visual system database statement to do your own research

(lifePR) (Waiblingen, ) Apart from the fact that the 53 year old UIPRE as an international association of journalists enjoys excellent health, there is almost nothing to report. Except: since March 2012 in the international media and electronic press and public to the electronics industry are circulating fake messages with fake supplements and fake invented facts. You should write the story. It begins at 03 September 2011 at the IFA in Berlin ...

What motivates a small pensioners circle of electronics journalists, a service provider for safety and Bullshit Detector, a CE publisher, a member of the Greens and a high-level secret Masonic lodge brother to found an imperial Habsburg Journalists Association and to use the CeBIT? Their deselection and their expulsion from the Union Internationale de la Presse Electronique after embezzlement, exploits, money shenanigans, incompetence and shameless deception became known? What moves public consists of electronics and exhibition industry and from legal circles to biased intervention and disabilities. What makes knowledge of electronic journalists so valuable that they be found out? How can Swiss banking evidence disappear from investigative files under the eyes of prosecutors? Because Guido Wassers Chief of Detectives of the Swiss Military Police, Major Stephan Klossner, has a hand in that? Had he not consult with the LKA of B.-W. in December 2011 on investigations? How can an international publisher Prague journalist who had risen for a few weeks to UIPRE-President, 2012 to continue the controversial history of the Benes decrees? Benes had in fact, nine months after setting his work dissolved the International Federation of Journalists UIPRE without any decision of the member. All this spread and maintain - often contradicted - the senior Habsburg IEPA Association. Their Vice-guru and former editor of the Funkschau, Bernhard Krieg,refers to the turn of the year 2011 "the parallels between current events in UIPRE Board and the machinations of money laundering. Banks want a settlement ... ".

The PostFinance Bern has demanded on 02.12.2011 "a written agreement of the parties." The parties would have been Krieg and Co. and the selected UIPRE representatives. The hope of retired colleagues to remain undetected is burst despite support cult close cooperation, security services and other interested parties long ago. The international members have engaged with 95% votes to media expert Rolf G. Lehmann with management and cleanup. He lets journalists, media and investigators now discover adventurous. For example: What has been done all over the world by slandering "certificate of release" by Mr. President Dieter Neumann- is setting based solely on document forgery. The Bern PostFinance had to hide the least and was to be the first bank that it was Bernard Krieg followed despite falsified official statement with fake discharge certificate. Since the discovery of the fraud investigators are known. About the players, supporters and their motives in the press and media events will be a lot to report.

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