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Recession forces technical textiles companies to shed non-core businesses

(lifePR) (Droitwich, ) The recession years have forced many technical textile companies to make structural changes and cut-backs as well as shedding parts of their business deemed 'non-core' - primarily to private equity investors, according to a new report, Strategies of Leading International Technical Textiles Companies 3rd edition.

The report, to be published in October 2012 by International Newsletters, cites the example of the separation of nonwoven fabric businesses, which previously supplied both industrial markets with semi-durable products and the consumer hygiene market with materials for disposables. Ahlstrom, Fiberweb and Fibertex are among the substantial companies profiled in this new report that have either recently separated their hygienic disposables business or sold them altogether.

However, legislation calling for more environmentally friendly processes and products has benefitted many companies, particularly in the European Union (EU), who in having to monitor their operations more closely have found more economical practices and cost-cutting methods.

Environmental issues are also providing possibilities for the future growth of the technical textiles industry. As the basis for composites, for example, whether carbon, glass fibre or natural fibre constructions, there is now a considerable push towards the light weighting of vehicles, which will see the wider adoption of technical textile-based components. Similarly, opportunities exist in the alternative energy, fuel and telehealth markets. All these developments and more are discussed in this publication.

The author of this completely revised and updated report, internationally respected textiles journalist Adrian Wilson, comments: "This new edition brings together hard-toobtain and previously scattered information about many companies in the technical textiles industry as a whole. There is in-depth analysis of the major changes to the industry brought about by the on-going financial crisis."

According to Wilson, companies which are no longer able to compete on price have instead been forced to exploit skills, investment capital, materials processes and equipment not readily available to their emergent competitors in the fast-growing markets of China, Turkey and India.

This new report contains profiles that examine in detail company backgrounds, initiatives, strategies (both current and future), new product development and product extensions, capital expenditure, geographical expansion, mergers and acquisitions, costcontrol measures, financial performance, investment targeting and future prospects in all sectors of technical textiles.

The whole of the technical textiles chain is covered, from fibre producers through to end-product manufacturers.

The following companies are analysed in the report:

Ahlstrom, Albany Engineered Composites, Asahi Kasei, Borgers, Culp, DSM Dyneema, DuPont, Fibertex, Fiberweb, Filtrona, Freudenberg, Gamma Holdings, Hexcel, Honeywell, Hollingsworth & Vose, Japan Vilene, Johns Manville, Johnson Controls (Michel Thierry/Fezko), Lantal, Lenzing, Low &

Bonar, Lydall, Miliken, Molnlycke, Owens Corning, Pegas, PGI, Porcher Industries, Prevent Group, Propex, Sandler, Schoeller Textil, Sioen Industries, SGL, Technical Fibre Products, Teijin, TenCate, Toray, Trevira, Xerium This new edition will prove to be essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand the development and prospects for the industrial and high-performance textiles industry. It is relevant for suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, investors, policy makers, consultants, end-users and industry watchers alike. In one publication, this report can help with competitor analysis, investment, decision-making, targeting new customers or re-assessing corporate strategy.

Price and availability: The report can be purchased in print or PDF formats for £545, $890, €775 from the Sales Department, International Newsletters Ltd, 44 Friar Street, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 8ED, UK Tel: +44 (0)870 1657210; fax: +44 (0)870 1657212; email: Online orders can be placed on

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