Dienstag, 24. Oktober 2017

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Emmenrausch - for rockers only

official MZ-motorcycle gathering

Regis-Breitingen, (lifePR) - Even though questions had been arising every year whether or not the traditional MZ-gathering would take place in Zschopau, up to now the answer always has been positive. But how will it be this year? Will the EMMENRAUSCH take place? You bet, it will! We are delighted to announce the 2008 gathering! Due to strategic deliberation this year's date has been pushed back in the calendar.
From 12 to 14 September the "Emme" will call for a meeting.

Friends of the two- and fourstroke engines in Zschopau have been troubled by the fact that the motorcycle-Grand Prix in Brno had coincided with the Emmenrausch in previous years.

Therefore the organisers as well as the plant management have, while having taken into account events such as the village fair of Chemnitz and the castle fair of Zschopau, decided to move the Emmenrausch to the second weekend in September. This is probably also an accommodation for the holiday planning and the school enrolment taking place in August.

Otherwise everything will be as usual. Many cups are waiting for their new owner and shall be an incentive for the participation of owners of historical machines to take part in the contests. Plenty of music will also be provided as always. This time TORFROCK the north German party combo with its roughneck members who like to keep their gullets well lubricated every now and then, will rock the event and will whoop it up. This band was created in 1976 and gained popularity in the German speaking area in the year of 1990 with the cult film WERNER - Beinhart! produced by Bernd Eichinger. Torfrock contributed the song "Beinhart wie ein Rocker" which stayed in the German single charts for 25 weeks and even climbed up to place number one. Singer Klaus Büchner - also known from the Duo "Klaus & Klaus" from the 80s and 90s - gave his distinctive voice to the cartoon character Werner as dub actor for the movie. Torfrock is a guarantor for a good mood and is an enrichment for the Emmenrausch 2008. Further information on the itinerary will be put on the internet page of the gathering:
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