Sonntag, 24. September 2017

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Mobile Game "Sapples - Master the mountain" is out

Sexten/Südtirol, (lifePR) - Now, after a long time of development it is finally done - "Sapples", the new sandbox puzzle game from Heini Summerer is ready!

In the new and innovative sandbox game "Sapples" it is all about leading a group of little humans - the Sapples - to the lodge on top of a mountain. In order to save the required number of Sapples, there are 8 different actions to the players disposal. These actions are divided into 2 groups:

- Actions to perform on Sapples: the player can interact directly with the Sapples, i.e. by assigning them special skills.
- Actions to perform on the game world: the player interacts with the game world, manipulates it, draws his own game objects.

A very special feature of the game is the possibility to draw game objects with the finger while playtime. The objects you draw will get involved immediately into gameplay. So i.e. you can draw a plank and it will be used as a bridge by the Sapples.

Another highlight is the possibility to manipulate the game world and the mountain itself. To realize that, Heini Summerer has developed the "Mountain-Engine". The Mountain Engine allows the dynamic creation of a two dimensional mountain and its manipulation at runtime. Also the physics model of the mountain will be calculated in manner that objects can be placed on it or fall down in a physically correct way.

In "Sapples" the player has also the possibility to test his skill as a level designer. The game includes an easy-to-use level editor, which allows the player to create his own levels in a very short time and without any previous knowledge! The levels can be saved locally on the device or even in the cloud for sharing them with other players! You can also manage a friends list, to make it more comfortable to find the levels created by the friends.

The game will be released on 29th of May (day of the first ascent of the Mount Everest) for iOS and Android. It has a price of € 2,99.

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