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WORLD PREMIERE at the Essen Motor Show: Barracuda Tzunamee EVO

(lifePR) (Walddorfhäslach, ) The year is 2007. At the Essen Motor Show, Barracuda Racing Wheels unveils a light-alloy rim whose extraordinary, extroverted design will impressively put its stamp on the tuning rim market, sometimes even dominating it, for years to come: the Tzunamee.

Now the history of the Tzunamee is entering its next generation. At the Essen Motor Show a few days ago, Barracuda Racing Wheels presented the legitimate heir to the original version: the Tzunamee EVO, which will do far more than merely follow in the footsteps of its predecessor. Its look is absolutely revolutionary and polarizing: extremely concave (6 cm in 8.5x19”) and standing out with an asymmetrical Y-spoke design with hand-brushed surfaces.

Immersed in the deep center of the Tzunamee EVO, a high-quality aluminum hubcap has its place, with the stylized Barracuda predatory fish that is the unmistakable trademark of this creative hotbed of light-alloy rims.

The standard colors of the Tzunamee EVO are a bright silver highgloss brushed and – a whole tone darker – dark gun metal brushed. Optionally, the brushed surfaces of the spokes can be finished in various colors.

Apart from its sensational look, however, the Tzunamee EVO wins over with its wide portfolio of applications and its high bearing load: the new light-alloy rim is coming to the market in the important sizes of 8x18”, 8.5x19” and 9x20”, as well as with 5x100, 5x108, 5x112, 5x114.3 and 5x120 bolt circles. Additional sizes are in planning. Even the 18” version has a very high bearing load of up to 875 kilograms.

Incidentally, the pessimists totally missed the mark when they predicted in 2007 that the Tzunamee would enjoy only a short, albeit strong, hype. The “old” rim design has proved so successful up to the present day that it is being kept in the Barracuda Racing Wheels product range alongside the new EVO model.

Like all light-alloy wheels from the extensive range of Barracuda rims, the new Tzunamee EVO is on sale at dealerships or well-stocked tire and specialist stores. As an alternative, they can be obtained, as well as all additional facts, including price and delivery information, directly from:

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