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Barracuda Racing Wheels Europe: Project Ultralight 2.0

(lifePR) (Walddorfhäslach, ) A set of ultra-light alloy wheels not only looks good but also reduces unsprung weight, to the benefit of ride and handling. While forging is the premium process for producing ultra-light alloy wheels, the flow-forming process is also able to produce wheels with a good strength to weight ratio at a price point more affordable to a wider audience.

Barracuda Racing Wheels is pleased to present their first flow-formed alloy wheel design, the Ultralight Project 2.0. Featuring 10 open spokes this new wheel provides good airflow for brake cooling, along with offsets that provide clearance for high performance brake systems.

Available in either Gunmetal or Silver Brushed Surface, the latter distinguished by a clear lacquer brushed finish, this wheel debuts with two popular sizes: 8.5x19-inch, weighing 9.6 kilograms, and 9.5x19-inch, weighting 9.8 kg.

The maximum payload per wheel is 725 kg and this design is available with PCD measurements of 5x108, 5x112, 5x114.3, 5x115 and 5x120, to suit a wide range of cars. While the 8.5x19-inch version is visibly concave, the 9.5x19-in version rightly carries the “deep concave” label.

Prices for the Ultralight Project 2.0 wheel complete start at 459 euro. The larger 9.0 and 10.5x20-inch sizes will be available from November 2017, with prices starting from 559 euro.

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