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Hotel Berlin, Berlin successfully communicating on the right level

The hotel on the Lützowplatz uses "social media" to keep close to target group interests

Berlin, (lifePR) - The Hotel Berlin, Berlin has is own following, and this group is growing daily. This is because the third largest hotel in the capital has now been reaching people via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well. Social media has become an everyday phenomenon in the Web and offers the innovative hotel new opportunities for communication. Consumers and customers can become fans of a brand, while talking about news releases, announcements or novelties regarding the company in social networks. Here dialog occurs on a par with those interested.

"Our hotel is known for its pioneering ways. Social media is a further and, at the same time, essential step towards an even more firmly established brand," explains Managing Director Cornelia Kausch. "Our brand - a true Berliner, in the very heart of the city - has to maintain an active online presence to be successful. People talk about our hotel, the brand, our products as well as our competitors - all in Web 2.0. We want to be an active part of these discussions, as they affect us directly."

The Hotel Berlin, Berlin has assumed a role as an information provider whose staff are Berliners familiar with the insider scene or the events and highlights happening in the metropolis. That makes the Hotel Berlin, Berlin a personalized point of contact. Everyone can join in the life of the hotel with over 700 rooms and 210 employees. Two to three messages on the most diverse subjects are posted online each day. "We initially want to restrict things to the three portals Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Only in this way is a continuous dialog guaranteed. We'd like to find out what people really want, so that we can coordinate our actions in line with individual requirements", states Cornelia Kausch. "In a few years time, we'll no longer be clicking from website to website or from network to network anyway. Internet users will have an online identity, which they'll take with them from network to network thanks to corresponding software", she believes. It is fairly certain that there will soon be global networks comprising groups of individuals who think the same way, without the need for them to act in the same network.

The individual social media profiles of the Hotel Berlin, Berlin are to be developed on a progressive basis. A dedicated blog will follow in the course of the year. From May onwards, the Hotel Berlin, Berlin plans to launch its own subscription news-ticker (RSS feed) with up-to-date tips on Berlin.

The hotel is sure of one thing: Only via continuous communication with content relevant to the target groups can levels of awareness important for the hotel be increased and its positive image further enhanced.

We would also like to gain new opinion leaders for the hotel in conjunction with cooperation partners like the handball national league team FÜCHSE BERLIN. In this way, special offers for fans will be made available on the hotel's own website amongst other sites. "Cost-per-click" advertisements on Facebook and a booking machine placed there are intended to make people opt for the creative hotel in the west of the city.

The current addresses for establishing dialog with the Hotel Berlin, Berlin are:
www.facebook.com/hotel.berlin www.twitter.com/... www.youtube.com/...
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