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Hotel Berlin, Berlin is donating an extraordinary stone for the fall of the Berlin Wall event on November 9, 2009

Berlin, (lifePR) - With an artistically designed, symbolic wall stone, the Hotel Berlin, Berlin is participating in the grand domino event on November 9, 2009 at the Brandenburg Gate. To mark the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a total of one thousand Styrofoam blocks - imaginatively designed and relating to the subject, about two metres high and standing in a long row – will be made to fall by means of the domino effect in a spectacular production.

The stone in pop-art style contributed by the Hotel Berlin, Berlin, bears the title “Berlincomplete.” Well-known landmarks from eastern and western parts of the city can be seen on one side of the block, from which, however, significant elements are missing. The other side shows the same picture – now with the complete missing significant elements.

“Our hotel has always been intimately bound with the city of Berlin, and each of our messages is generally the result of a great passion for this city. This wall stone symbolises division on one hand and unity on the other hand. The missing fragments stand for the deprivation and incompleteness on both sides of the Wall,” comments Managing Director and “Be Berlin Ambassador” Cornelia Kausch on the symbolism of the stone.

After the public event at the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlincomplete stone will be given a prominent place at the entrance the hotel, taking its place on the list of memorial pieces and documents of the times that supply evidence for the attachment of this hotel, so very rich in tradition, with the capital city.

The idea, concept and artistic realisation took place in cooperation with the Berlin advertising agency zielgruppe kreativ.
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