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Neither different, nor identical, but free

(lifePR) (Italy, ) A year and a half ago, Renata Sorba published her book Neither different, nor identical, but free, where she wanted to tell what she experienced when she became blind. She gathered anecdotes, meetings, moments of her everyday life characterized by reflections and testimonies of the difficulties she had during her disease, Renitis Pigmentosa, which brought her to change and to undertake personal, working and sport paths, for instance she began to practice archery, and she became an Italian champion. In her book Renata also talks about the guide dog, a fundamental support for her independence.

Renata has decided to bring more visibility to her book by making it available also in an e-book version both in Italian and in English. Through the e-book version it is possible to bring all over the world her story and it is possible to make people aware of how a person with a sensorial disability lives and how he/she has to organize his/her life and the life of the people around him/her. People know very little about Usher’s Syndrome and about the problems a person has when you can’t count anymore on your eyes and ears. E-books are today an easy, cheap and useful tool to read, because reading is facilitated and adaptable to any type of low vision. This cultural and social heritage is enriched by the presence of an audio book, that allows blind people to listen to a story that can help meditate and open the mind for those who don’t know the diseases and the activities that Renata has told in her book. Thanks to the digital version, today a true and sincere testimony can enrich and widen a topic that just a few people have the possibility to know and examine. Part of the proceed will be given to voluntary associations.

The e-book versions are available from June 17th on the most important digital stores all over the world like Amazon Kindle, Ceebo, iBookstore, Kobo and a lot more. The audio book versions are available on every MP3 musical stores and programs like: Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, Napster. You can also buy the book online on the website

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