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First official EP of CEM: „Kissing in the name“


Berlin, (lifePR) - Berlin-based music producer CEM has released his first official EP through Sariton Records: „Kissing in the name“. The worldwide digital release takes place on April 21st, 2017 and is supported by the aggregator Feiyr. CEM’s message is as simple as it is important: Heartfelt music connects and conciliates people. This message is especially precious in times of global tension, hatred and post-factual news.

„I can’t do big politics, but I feel like I have to“, says Cem bluntly. He suggests: „Kissing in the name of unity is way better than killing in the name of religion and economic interests.” As a Turkish immigrant Cem is especially moved by the recent anti-democratic developments in his homeland Turkey.

Cem is an accomplished producer of EDM styles like Ambient, Electronica and Deep House, but has also a deep love for handmade music with guitar, bass and drums. Arno Raffeiner, editor-in-chief of influential German Spex Mag, wrote about Cem’s approach to making music: „A very charming mixture of guitar-influenced music and electronic sounds and patterns. The joy of playing and singing is felt in every track.” The title track is – of course – inspired by the political and timeless guitar classic from RATM: „Killing in the name“.

Kissing in the name contains four genuine and fresh tracks of electronic dance music, soulfully mixed with eclectic styles. In addition to the title track Digitally Yours, Wake Me Up If It Is Friday and Comatose are presented on the EP.

About CEM
CEM [dʒ͡ ɛm] is a Berlin-based music producer and a dedicated family man. „Kissing in the name“ is his first official and worldwide digital release. Cem was born in Istanbul, Turkey. At the age of 15 he started singing and playing drums, guitar and bass. He got in fast with the fascinating music scene of the Turkish metropolis. Cem is completely self-taught and is a multi- instrumentalist. In 1997 he migrated to Berlin to study computer linguistics and media design. For many years he has played and toured with the multicultural band “Everkeen” and contributed rough vocal energy and sing- along tunes.

Apart from writing and producing music, Cem is working at the Berlin Club SO36. This club has often been compared to New York’s CBGB. Cem lives and breathes the creative spirit of the club, which has always envisioned itself as a crossover between music, sub culture and visual art. Consequently Cem also produces his own music videos to generate a coherent artistic vision of political consciousness and honest music.

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