Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018

Feng Yuan plays Kapustin's Jazz Piano Works

New recording of Kapustin's virtuoso piano pieces played by Kapustin's Chinese student

Shenyang, (lifePR) - The Chinese pianist Feng Yuan has studied two years in Moscow with the famous composer Nikolai Kapustin. Now he has recorded a CD with Kapustin's highly virtuosic jazz pieces. In addition to the eight concert Etudes op. 40 and some of the 24 Preludes in the jazz style the CD contains interesting pieces like the Glissandi Etude op. 67, the Big Band sounds op. 46 or the paraphrase on Dizzy Gillespie's MANTECA for two pianos.

Feng Yuan's playing is absolutely perfect, his technique and rhythmical Stability are masterly, highly appreciated by Kapustin.
In addition to the CD produced by the German Company Veraphon a digital version will be published on the 28th August 2017. You can download it at all music online ports.

Feng Yuan, who teaches as a piano professor in the Shenyang Conservatory, has used the Grand Flügel CGF-XI of the Chinese piano company Yangtze River for the recording.
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