Montag, 21. Mai 2018

Feiyr at Google+

Vachendorf, (lifePR) - Google+ , the biggest competitor of Facebook, is a platform which is more and more interesting for many companies to stay in contact with their customers. This also applies for the online music and eBook distributor Feiyr.

As well as Facebook, Google+ also offers companies the opportunity to create their own company profile and to present themselves to the public. has used this possibility and provides information on Google+ to its customers, labels and performers, about current and important news from the distribution business .

"Google+ is establishing itself more and more as a really serious alternative to Facebook and is intensely used by our customers." says Armin Wirth , CEO of

More information for the customer

"Unlike Facebook , it is very easy for companies to reach the entire circle of customers through the Circles function in Google+. The feedback is more direct and more often( ... ) " the CEO continued. On the Google+ company profile of the customer has a clear, fast and chronological overview of all news, which the company announced.

Maximum range, rising user numbers

Two the three most visited websites in the world are already from the Google universe. The Group's strategy is to get more and more users in the network and to link more closely to the various Google services.

Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Play - to name only a few of them - are all services from this universe, and there is hardly any internet user, which usese at least one of them one time, or even several times a day. For all these services you need a Google account or you will at least be asked to create one.

Seen in this light, seems to interpret the signs of the times correctly, it's only a matter of time, until Google+ will have more users than facebook.
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Feiyr is based in the bavarian town of Traunstein, DANCE ALL DAY MusicvertriebsGmbH, Feiyr is one of the largest music distribution companies in digital mp3 distribution and vinyl field worldwide. Currently, Feiyr sells, manages or attends to 1,459,125 tracks on 194,875 albums of 20 000 labels with 160,136 artists. The Feiyr song distribution company was founded by Armin Wirth in 1993. It employs a staff of 24.

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