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Dermis Replacement in International Focus

Billerbeck, (lifePR) - On the 29th and 30th of May, in Vienna's MuseumsQuartier, everything revolves around the current standards and product development in the field of dermal skin replacement. From around the world specialists gather for the 1st International Focus Meeting to deliver lectures on the fundamentals of skin and skin replacement, and to report on the indications as well as clinical results with new skin replacement materials. At the heart is a recently marketed and very promising matrix which permits severe skin defects to be handled, in combination with skin transplants, in a one stage process. This biological matrix, Matriderm (Dr. Suwelack Skin & Health Care AG, Germany) is made of collagen and elastin, two major components of the dermis. Within a few weeks of the transplant the organism fully incorporates the matrix into its own body dermal tissue.

The greatest cause of large scale skin damage is thermal wounding and trauma. Chronic sores (ulceration) as a result of diabetes or vascular disease also lead to protracted and severe skin damage. In recent years physicians have made great progress in their research into the underlying cellular and molecular processes. This deeper understanding has enabled new approaches to the field of wound healing and, in parallel, to the development of new products. By these means both functional and aesthetic results are noticeably improved.

Assoc. Prof. Lars-Peter Kamolz of the University Clinic of Surgery, AKH Vienna, organiser and chairman of the scientific committee of the Focus Meeting adds: "New approaches and developments in the field of artificial tissue and skin replacements hold particularly high potential for the healing of chronic or acute wounds. On the other hand we must consider responsibly the financial resources of the public health system. Our Focus Meeting facilitates 'know-how transfer' so that the correct, and therefore efficient, application of a suitable product rests only in knowledgeable and responsible hands." Fundamentally the aim of modern wound treatment lies in the optimal regeneration and reconstruction of the skin and consequently in the best possible results regarding function and aesthetics. Only then will advances and the expectations of patients coincide in a meaningful way.

See as well: www.matrix2008.org.
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Dr. Otto Suwelack Nachf. GmbH & Co.KG

Seit 1997 etabliert sich die Dr. Suwelack Skin & Health Care AG erfolgreich als Hersteller von natürlichen Biomatrices für kosmetische und medizinische Zwecke. Dabei werden die vielfältigen Produkteigenschaften von Collagen und pflanzlichen Rohstoffen genutzt. Das Unternehmen ist international ausgerichtet mit Tochtergesellschaften in den USA, Japan, und Brasilien. Im westfälischen Billerbeck beschäftigt der mittelständische Betrieb 85 Mitarbeiter.