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DOUBLE M Fall/Winter 08 Collection

Zürich, (lifePR) - Double M jeans are the product of a tri-part operation helmed by the denim legend, Mille Monferin. The LON-ZRH-TOK maxim blends the best ingredients of these cities, and serves up special jeans worthy of consumption by the most select tasters. This crosspollination, with feet firmly on the ground in London, Zurich and Tokyo, reflects what Double M as a company is all about. Also engaged in ushering Japanese brands into the European market, it is a new platform between Japan and Europe.

Indie-Thinking, True-Talking and Unparalleled Passion: Double-M is a brand-new denim and leather jacket label headed up by a Swedish-born Mille Monferin, a well-known figure in the industry.

He's natured utter passions and commitments to denim since he got involved in his father's 2 jeans stores in Sweden. After over 2 decades experimenting in denim, residing in Sweden, Belgium and Italy, he currently lives in Switzerland with his own denim label

"Double M". His experiences and skills have come a long way since 1980's, working in Florence, Italy after he graduated in textile and marketing. This experience spurred him onto pursue his career in denim industry, which led him to be in charge of Levi's 501, Red Tab and Levi's Vintage as global manager based in the HQ Brussels, then set up RED successfully. Then further 2 years, he spent his time creating the 101 jean collection at LEE. Hereby he marked a drastic come-back from the previous 7 years decline in succession. Mille's last task was to reposition the Japanese Edwin brand, where he was the president of Edwin Europe for 3 years before he set up his own label.

Double M Fall/Winter 08 collection takes inspiration from an understated pure concept reflected in details and subtleties, heavily mixing innovation with vintage for a contemporary feeling and look. The collection is truly well-sewn maximizing on the best ingredients from London, Zurich and Tokyo. The products are abundant in richness and speak for themselves.

Double M first-ever collection contains only denim and leather for male and female with two men's fits and two women's fits that mirror each other - so-called "new" slim and regular for men and regular and skinny for women in denim available in a selection of finishes and colours specifically chosen to compliment its compact and authentic collection. In leather there is a A2 flight and biker jacket where our passions lay strongly.

Our Denim fit is revolutionary. The male fit is a futuristic fit regarded as "new slim fit" good for those who wear skinny or regular jeans as the leg is quite relaxed-down to knee area, where the fit continues through in a tight silhouette and tapered towards the hem. Male regular fit is inspired by 1960's vintage denim and 1940 workwear.

Similarly, female denim features a new invention, derived from a bra construction, to fold and push up the bum in a perfect apple shape, also other fit deployed with a cinch with a D-ring which enables wearers to enjoy different shoes and looks, with the strap pulled up and down to give a diversity to the way that jeans can be worn.

The denim line consists of "Trademark" produced in EU catering for medium-high distribution, whereas high-end line "Titanium" made in Japan using Japanese Selvedge cloth, real titanium rivets, buttons and threads with top quality finishes and washes, which targets a high and exclusive distribution channel. Double M's tight-knit network in creative fields and the industry offers a high quality product at an affordable price range. The whole range offers an "affordable luxury" targeting in the range of mid-high and high distribution channel in retail from Euro 100 - 370 for denim and Euro 600 - 700 for leather in Europe and Japan.

Double M is also engaged in ushering Japanese Brands into the European market to create a new unique platform between Japan and Europe. Double M's passion lays into creating a genuine, fair and honest foundation to share something good and fair to the world in a long run. There are more exciting things to come from Double M.

Credits for Double M A/W 09 Lookbook Images:

Art Direction Peter Stitson
Photographer Toyin
Stylist Karen Langley
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