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International Summit on Secondary Markets for Life Insurance

München, (lifePR) - The German association for Secondary Markets for Life Insurance, BVZL, will host the 8th International Summit "Secondary Markets for Life Insurance" on March 6th - 7th, 2012. The conference will be located at the Sofitel Bayerpost in Munich, Germany. The conference program will be perfectly supplemented by some excellent networking opportunities and an special evening event on March 6th.

Come and take advantage of the largest specialist conference concerning "Secondary Markets for Life Insurance" in Europe to hear about and to discuss news, trends and market opportunities concerning Secondary Markets for Life Insurance with international industry experts coming from emission houses, distributors, investment and consulting companies, banks and insurance companies.

A series of excellent speakers - together with the conference chairmen Ingo Wichelhaus and Christian Seidl (BVZL, Executive Board) - will discuss the following aspects

- Criteria for the Evaluation of Life Insurance Policies from a Policy Purchaser's Perspective
- Financial Strenght and Profitability of the German Life Insurer from Policyholder's / Policy Purchaser's Perspective...
- Surviving the Euro Crisis - what Steps are taken by the German Secondary Life Insurance Market?
- The Importance of a Functioning Tertiary Market in the Life Settlement Industry and Implications for Investment Decisions

In addition to this 8th International Summit, the BVZL will organize a Special-Day for Investors on Wednesday, March 7th (9.00 am - 2.00 pm), also at Sofitel Bayerpost, Munich.

The intention is to discuss and develop specific ideas / measures to regain the trust in the asset class of Secondary Markets for Life Insurance Investments, help to correct some misrepresentations in the past, to improve the public perception of this industry and finally to reawaken the appetite of German and European investors for investments in this asset class.

For detailed information about the Summit and the Investor-Special-Day please contact

BVZL e. V.

Member Services

Blanka Stricevic

Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 242037 - 08 Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 242037 - 09 Mail: blanka.stricevic@bvzl.de

or visit the official BVZL website: www.bvzl.de
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BVZL - Bundesverband Vermögensanlagen im Zweitmarkt Lebensversicherungen e.V.

BVZL International (The German Association for International Secondary Life Insurance Markets - BVZL e.V.)

The member companies of the BVZL International (The German Association for International Secondary Life Insurance Markets - BVZL e.V.) operate worldwide in secondary markets for life assurance. Since its foundation in May 2004 the association, which currently has some 40 members, has been providing a single representative voice in commercial, legal and political matters. The BVZL is in a constant dialog with politicians, opinion leaders, the public and other interest groups with a mission to actively support the dynamic development of the industry.

One of BVZL's main targets is to establish industry standards with regard to transparency and comparability of the various investment segments (British, German and US life insurances) and thus to steadily improve the preconditions for successful investment in these different asset categories, which have to be looked at in very specific ways.

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