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Speech Dr. Reithofer and Dr. Draeger at the BMW Group Press Conference in Beijing (Auto China 2010)

Beijing (Auto China 2010), (lifePR) - Dr. Norbert Reithofer , Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the BMW Group Press Conference!

Have a look at the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics: This is future mobility created by BMW. This car is proof that BMW is and continues to be a sport-inspired premium brand. And this is what our customers in China and around the world expect from us.

This is still just a concept, but I can assure you after having driven this car myself that:
-This is sheer driving pleasure.
-This is a performance of 356 hp at a fuel consumption of only 3.76 liters.
-This is future-looking BMW design.
-This is the sophisticated combination of innovative drive systems. This car can also run solely on electric power, in other words: at zero emissions.

Our passion for cars and our expertise in efficient engine technologies, light-weight construction and aerodynamics - not to forget the signature BMW design - have been perfectly combined in this concept car.

We think ahead - for our customers and for the environment. That is what continues to make the BMW Group so successful here in China. Our Chinese customers love BMW cars. Last year, we sold here in China more than 90,000 cars. Every day, more and more people here decide to buy a BMW. So, in the first three months of this year, our BMW sales in China have increased by more than 100 percent over the same period last year. In 2010, we aim to deliver around 120,000 cars to our Chinese customers.

We are successful on the Chinese market. That's why we are investing in China. Since 2003, we have been operating a BMW plant in Shenyang, in a joint venture with our partner Brilliance.

Now, we are building a new plant in Shenyang to expand our production capacities. Together with our partner, we are investing 560 million Euros or 5 billion Renminbi.

Our Chinese customers appreciate innovation. At the same time they want to enjoy sheer driving pleasure - whether they are behind the steering wheel or sitting as a passenger in the rear. Fulfilling our customers' individual desires and needs is what motivates us at BMW: So today, we have brought you new BMW models with innovative drive systems that we are showing for the first time in Asia. And we have a real world premiere for you as well. My colleague Klaus Draeger will present all of these cars to you. Thank you very much!

Dr. Klaus Draeger , Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

This Sports Activity Coupe is the world's fastest all-wheel drive hybrid. And it's powered by three engines:

-a V8 engine with BMW TwinPower turbo technology
-and two electric motors.

The combination of two drive systems unfolds an impressive 485 horse power and a maximum torque of 780 Newton meters.

In other words: This is also the world's most powerful vehicle of its kind. Compared to the conventional BMW X6, the hybrid needs 20 percent less fuel.

Apart from the BMW ActiveHybrid, our Efficient Dynamics activities also include the development of electric vehicles. The BMW Group is a leader of e-mobility.

This is the BMW Concept ActiveE. A fully electric car based on the BMW 1 Series Coupe. It is an electric vehicle suitable for everyday use - a four-seater with a useful trunk. This car is powered by an electric synchronous motor. Newly developed lithium-ion batteries store the electric energy. 170 horse power are available from the word go. Its range in everyday use is about 100 miles or 160 km.

I can promise you today: By next year, this electric car will come to China - as a test fleet for customers here in China. Before this, the MINI E field trail will be started by the end of this year.

The experience we gain here will be included in the development of our Megacity Vehicle. This car is the next milestone on the path to sustainable mobility of the future. As early as 2013, we will launch the Megacity Vehicle - under a new BMW sub-brand. It will be BMW Group's first series production electric vehicle. Now let me show you what our customers in China can look forward to already this year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please welcome a real world premiere: The new BMW 5 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase.

This car will be available here beginning fall 2010. Just like the new BMW 5 Series Sedan, the Long Wheelbase Version was conceived and created by the engineers and designers at our Research and Development Center in Munich. The long version of the 5 Series Sedan offers the same technological innovations and driving dynamics as the regular sedan.

This new BMW 5 Series is characterized by:

-a new series chassis;
-engines even more powerful and fuel-efficient, thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics;
-equipment options previously available only in the upper luxury segment.

Apart from the shared features, this specific model provides maximum comfort in the rear seats and a most luxurious space offering. In my opinion, it is a very special feeling to be chauffeured in such a refined luxury sedan. Thank you!

Dr. Norbert Reithofer , Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG

Our technology Efficient Dynamics stands for:
-highly efficient combustion engines
-innovative BMW ActiveHybrid drives and plug-in hybrids
-and powerful electric motors.

Already today, our cars are equipped with these technologies. This means: Our customers can use and test-drive these innovations. The global success of the BMW Group is based on such technology innovations such as these. And we know that our customers in China expect only the very best from BMW.

And this is why we have brought another premiere for Asia:
Please welcome the BMW ActiveHybrid 7.

As an important step towards future mobility, we are very proud to present the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 and BMW ActiveHybrid X6 here in China. We remain committed to China. We bring new technologies to our Chinese customers. We confirm our long-term engagement in this dynamic country.

Now, I invite you all to join us on the stage to have a closer look at the BMW innovations we have brought today. Thank you very much!
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