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Steel and steel/enamel: Bathroom objects in a frame

BetteLux Shape – the focus is on the pure shape Bette presents bathroom objects – supported by a steel frame

Delbrück, (lifePR) - BetteLux Shape is a new steel/enamel bathroom concept that turns things inside out by adopting a new approach towards washbasins and baths. In architecture, skeleton constructions are the highlights of modern building. In interior design, only a few materials allow this trick - and only a very few of these allow it to such a radical extent as with the BetteLux Shape. Instead of bathroom objects being covered, here they take centre stage with a design technique in the form of a steel frame. Not only does this add colour, it also has a real function: It supports the bath and the washbasin on the basis of "form follows function".

Adding colour accents with the frame

The steel frames present the bath and the washbasin in their purest form and also provide design options via a well thought out colour concept. The powder-coated support frames are available in various colour accents - the bath is for the time being available in black and white. However, designer Dominik Tesseraux has also given the bath something of a technical and functional look with its outer supporting structure.

A well thought out design concept

The Delbrück-based specialist steel/enamel company thought the original idea of a bath in a frame right through to the end and developed a furnishing concept from it. A range of products was developed around the core product of this unusual bath. The washbasin and useful accessories also embrace the frame idea, allowing a coherent and uniform bathroom design. Besides a framed bath and washbasin, this bathroom design also includes a standing mirror, a stool (which can also be used as a side table) and a wall-mounted towel holder to which various shelves can be added. Managing Director Thilo C. Pahl: " The steel frame fits perfectly with our preferred material of steel/enamel and with our philosophy of creating a surface that impresses in every way and from every angle.-." BetteLux Shape can be used in generously-sized bathrooms and in open bathroom designs. Thilo C. Pahl: "The visible structure is suitable for any modern living environment, not just the loft." The bath incidentally won the Design Plus Award 2015 at the ISH.

It's the material that makes it possible

The composite material steel/enamel allows this type of construction because despite its thinness, it is very stable and, even in this installation scenario, will not warp under load. This construction is indicative of everything that defines steel/enamel: its stability allows us to create an elegant shape and perfection in the detail. All of this is now visible on both the outside and the inside, with Bette delivering a flawless surface on both sides. When the new basic shape of BetteLux was unveiled for the first time two years ago, the folded bath rim just eight millimetres in height was something new. The interior had an organic deep-drawn look - but because of the installation method, this could not be fully appreciated. It's different when it's floating in the steel frame: everything's visible.

Technology: A new type of electronically regulated overflow system

The design principle of the framed bath is elegant - but also completely open. It is enamelled on all sides, which leaves no room for surface compromises and also means that the functional attachments must also satisfy strict aesthetic demands. This demanded a new water drainage and overflow solution. A bath of this type cannot have a visible overflow, which is why a completely new system was developed in collaboration with the specialist drainage company Viega. Even without an overflow hole, this ensures that there can be no bathroom floods. To achieve this, the water column in the bath is constantly monitored electronically and, if the column rises above a defined level, a valve opens the drain for 15 seconds. This permanently regulates the level to which the bath can be filled. The new type of system is installed under the bath in an aluminium housing of a coordinated colour, requires an electrical connection and even has a back-up battery that ensures power cuts can be safely bridged. Bette managing director Thilo C. Pahl: "We experimented with mechanical and hydraulic solutions, and rejected them as being too unreliable. High-tech really does benefit the customer here - with BetteLux Shape, there's neither overflowing nor a visible overflow."

BetteLux_Shape_01 to _08.jpg

A radical bath design from Bette: Instead of covering steel/enamel bathroom objects, here they take centre stage supported in a steel frame. This has a real function: It supports both the bath and the washbasin and also adds colour.

BetteLux_Shape_09 to _10.jpg

Steel/enamel in a contrasting steel frame: The concept is tailor-made for both materials. They complement each other perfectly and functionally - and open up whole new possibilities in bathroom design.

BetteLux_Shape_Moebel_01 to _05.jpg

The washbasin and useful accessories also embrace the steel frame idea, allowing a coherent and uniform bathroom design. Besides a framed bath and washbasin, this bathroom design also includes a standing mirror, a stool (which can also be used as a side table) and a wall-mounted towel holder to which various shelves can be added.

BetteLux_Shape_WT_01 to _02.jpg

Perfectly shaped, light and elegant in its design: The BetteLux Shape washbasins consistently carry forward the basic idea. The principle of "form follows function" applies here: The frame supports the washbasin.

Product dimensions/versions/colours

Bath: 170x75, 180x80 and 190x90 cm
Washbasin: 60x49.5, 80x49.5 and 100x49.5 cm
Towel holder/shelf in the lengths: 40, 60, 80 and 100 cm
Frame colours: White, black, taupe, sky, rosé, mint
Wood surfaces: Créme oak, mocca oak, natural oak
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