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Bath and shower to measure

Steel enamel bathroom objects from the high-tech manufactory - as the customer desires, and with lots of extras

Delbrück, (lifePR) - Bathroom design is a creative process, and it is one in which the room's layout can collide with the standard dimensions of the bathroom objects. What to do if there is room for a bath of 183 cm in length - but the bath manufacturer's grid dimensions don't allow for this size? Bette has a solution in many cases, and they do not require the otherwise necessary (but unsightly) tiling.

Today's bathroom is a complex place in which industrial products of the most diverse origins and in a wide range of materials meet: washstands, showers, baths and WCs. The dimensions are set and defined in standards - or at least by grid dimensions. However, in reality not all bathrooms are orientated to these grid dimensions, which means that emergency solutions are often called for. Tiles as gap fillers, thick silicone joints, and often wasted space. Bette, the steel/enamel specialist, uses various approaches to deal with size problems. Because one thing is clear: a bath will only look its best if it fits - and if attention is paid to the details.

"Traditionally, when following the aesthetics of premium solutions, people often opt for skilled perfection. Making items to measure is a benchmark for the high quality of a product," explains Sven Rensinghoff, Bette's Director of Marketing. Bette as the innovator in floor-level shower areas has always worked closely on integrating its products in the architecture. For instance, with the hard-to-realise corners of floor-level showers in steel/enamel. Bette has them fitting into the tiled corner, with narrow gaps that keep the need for silicone joints to a minimum.

Creating swivel space

And talking of silicone joints, the BetteUpstand is for those who wish to dispense entirely with silicone on the wall side. This enamelled rim is canted at the top and simply tiled over - which means it is leak proof and maintenance-free. Installation is joint-free on the wall side, and is possible with the majority of Bette baths and shower trays. Instead of porous silicone that is prone to attracting mould and mildew, steel/enamel forms the "hollow" to the wall; water naturally flows down, and there are no gaps through which it can penetrate.

The family company from East Westphalia in Germany also works on flexibility in production. Bette offers made-to-measure bathrooms - with tremendous scope. It's about the bath rims rather than the bath core, which is determined by the ergonomics of the human body, and they can be narrow or wide, as required. The size of the bath is adapted using an intelligent combination of machine and individual manufacturing methods - with millimetre precision. What applies to the baths also applies to the shower trays. And is carried out in Bette's special manufacturing department, which can also trim bath corners in order to make room for bathroom doors - with no impairment at all of the bathing comfort.

Manufacture - now even more individual: "People expect things to fit today. Individualised products that are made-to-measure are contemporary and mostly feasible. We have the facilities to create individual products of any kind - something that is greatly appreciated by planners. And we have just about any solution for those to whom this really matters," he adds. What makes this possible at Bette is a modern form of production that cleverly combines high-tech and handmade. Bette can even provide batch sizes of 1. "Standardisation is a thing of the past. Our proportion of individualised baths is constantly increasing. In 2000, only about 15 percent of our steel/enamel objects were made to individual customer desires and dimensions; today, this figure is over 50 percent.

Even more Bette specialities

The BetteStarlet, for instance: this popular bath is available in lengths from 155 to 195 cm. And widths from 65 to 95 cm. However, Bette's specialities don't just include perfect material transitions and millimetre precision of the surface - they also include matching colours. As well as traditional white, the steel/enamel specialist also offers its products in various colours - even two-tones, as in BetteBicolour, where a bright white interior is combined with a black or violet apron. Based on the latest tile trends, Bette bathroom objects are available in 22 specially developed matt colours and more than 1000 sanitaryware colours.

Accessories with a passion for detail

Comfort and aesthetics, design and quality: the high standards that Bette applies to its own products are continued in all the details. When it comes to the extras, the customer can choose from a wide range - from BetteAnti-Slip (a quartz-and-sand mixture that is burnt into the surface and provides extra safety without affecting the look and feel of the bath) through to BetteGlaze Plus (an optional surface finish for greater ease of cleaning). From specially developed pop-ups and the BetteSpring Tap to electronic bath mixers and the ergonomically shaped Magnet pillow, from tap holes drilled in the factory to whirl systems: "You could say we have a passion for details. We offer a wide range of accessories to help make a bath even more individual," explains Sven Rensinghoff. "So as well as being a gem in the bathroom, it is also a perfectly integrated bathroom object with personal touches."
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That bathroom objects create individual bathrooms - and reflect the aesthetic and functional identity of the users - is the claim of bathroom specialist Bette. For more than 60 years, Bette has perfected the use of the natural raw materials glass, water and titanium steel. The company was founded in 1952 by Heinrich Bette and Günther Schlichtherle in Delbrück in Westphalia/Germany, and specialises in the processes of steel-forming and enamelling. Today, the company employs 330 people at its production and administration centre in Delbrück. Over 600 different models of baths, shower trays and washstands are made here, made in Germany, in a wide range of surface colours.

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