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Stay Cool: Refreshing and Relaxing Travel with Opel

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  • Airy: Climate control and glass sunroof keep everybody cool
  • Relaxed: Wellness seats in new Astra with ventilation and massage function
  • Practical: FlexRail® center console and door recesses with plenty of space for drinks
  • Entertaining: Wi-Fi Hotspot for seven and sound system at premium level
  • Safe: Astra Sports Tourer safest touring car in “Auto Bild” comparison test
The surfboard is safely stowed on the roof, the bikes are mounted on the FlexFix bicycle carrier and the stuffed animals are waiting in the back for the kids. The only question is “How do you keep the family vacation from becoming a sweaty nightmare when it gets hot outside?” Easy – thanks to accessories developed by Opel as well as many standard and optional features such as Solar Protect heat-absorbing glazing, the whole family stays cool even when the mercury rises.

“Features like the ergonomic seats with ventilation and the individually controllable climate control lead to passengers not wanting to get out of the car in the summer heat,” says Peter Christian Küspert, Vice President Sales and Aftersales at Opel. “And for long drives, I recommend the AirWellness aroma system in the new Astra. It is nothing like the regular aroma diffusers everyone knows. Here the scent is subtle and can be chosen for its relaxing or refreshing effects.”

Astra wellness oasis refreshes and relaxes

Fans of open-air summer driving and leisurely cruising of course prefer the Opel Cascada convertible and the ADAM OPEN AIR. But all other drivers do not have to miss out on a refreshing breeze. In the new Opel Astra, for example, the power glass sliding/tilt sunroof lets fresh air into the car. Thanks to a sunblind, it doesn’t get too hot for occupants in spite of the glass sunroof. When temperatures and speeds rise, it is best to leave the windows closed and turn on the standard air conditioning or the dual-zone electronic climate control. With the latter, driver and co-driver can individually set their desired temperature. And to make sure everyone on board enjoys the wellness atmosphere to the fullest, Opel’s own AirWellness aroma system has a relaxing effect with Green Tea scent and refreshes with Energizing Dark Wood. The aroma system can easily be mounted on the center console with the PowerFlex adaptor and filled with the scent pads. Electrically warmed by five volts, it then releases the fragrance into the cabin, quickly eliminating any unpleasant smells. And when the optional AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) certified ergonomic seats with massage function and cooling seating ventilation are on board, vacation starts off more relaxing than ever.

Beverage always within reach in new Zafira

The rule is general knowledge - especially in summer, it is important to drink a lot. So drinks should also be within reach in the car. Those driving alone can put their beverage in the cup-holder in the center console. A bottle can be secured on the passenger seat with a net, so it doesn’t roll off during braking. The FlexRail® center console in the new Opel Zafira is especially practical. The system with flexible modules includes a large storage compartment and cup-holders that slide to exactly the desired position on aluminum rails. Bottles up to 1.5 liters can be stored in the front door pockets, while one-liter bottles fit in the rear door recesses. Even when seven people are on board the Zafia, the two passengers in the third row don’t have to forgo this comfort, as the center console there also has two cup-holders. And for the Opel ADAM and the Opel Corsa there is also a chic removable cup-holder strap with shark logo that keeps the drink safely in the center console. The strap can simply be removed when it is no longer needed.

Sun protection is a must

Especially for children in the back seat, sun protection is essential. This is where clever Opel accessories come into play. For almost every model, there are tailor-made sunblinds for the rear and side windows. They can be mounted easily with a clip and also offer protection against insects when the window is open. And if the game console is forgotten on the back seat during the rest area stop, thieves don’t stand a chance of seeing it through the dark windows. For those who want to enjoy this comfort year-round, many Opel models from ADAM to Zafira offer effective protection again too much sun and curious eyes with Solar Protect heat-absorbing glazing. These tinted rear windows are even standard in some variants. Just like the Solar Reflect windscreen in the new Opel Mokka X. Thanks to a special coating, the new compact SUV’s interior doesn’t heat up easily and stays pleasantly cool.

Thanks to the optional panorama windscreen and panorama sunroof, the new Zafira makes occupants feel like they’re on vacation the minute they set off on their journey. The windscreen stretches from the hood almost to the B-pillar. Especially passengers have an unobstructed view upwards. The panorama sunroof reaches from the windscreen to the rear of the car, enhancing the interior’s light and airy lounge atmosphere.

Pleasant travel thanks to top entertainment

Opel offers a number of features to ensure that passengers don’t get bored even in heavy traffic. One of them is Opel OnStar. The personal connectivity and service assistant not only helps whenever needed, it also turns the car into a powerful Wi-Fi Hotspot. Up to seven devices can simultaneously be connected to the car network and access the internet, so top entertainment is guaranteed. And via the modern IntelliLink systems such as Radio R 4.0, driver and passengers also have access to all their Apple and Android smartphones’ important functions. Those who want to enjoy their music in particularly high sound quality can choose from a selection of top sound systems from Bose to Infinity, depending on Opel model. So even drives that last hours are enjoyable, entertaining journeys for all.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer safest touring car

Relaxing travel also has a lot to do with the feeling of being in a safe car. And according to “Auto Bild”, the Opel Astra Sports Tourer leads the way here. In a large comparison test with 13 rivals (Issue 24/2016), the bestselling compact station wagon came in first place. Without any load, the Astra Sports Tourer reached the fastest speed of 135 km/h during the ISO obstacle avoidance test. Even with a load of just under 550 kg, it still beat the premium competitors. Braking from 130 km/h to a full stop in 62.1 meters, the Astra Sports Tourer has the “shortest braking distance of all loaded vehicles”. The editors conclude: “Opel does a great job (…) All told, the Astra is the safest touring car.”

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