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New Look for Magic Circus Hotel at Disneyland® Paris

Vienna/Paris, (lifePR) - .
- Over € 4 million were invested in the modernisation of the 4-star hotel
- A further € 4 million are budgeted for the conference offer
- Disneyland® Paris remains an attractive family destination

Warimpex, UBM and Vienna International yesterday evening hosted a special event at the newly renovated 4-star hotel Magic Circus at Disneyland® Paris to celebrate the completion of the renovation works with a number of international guests, clients and partners. Over the past six months, the conference and family hotel - acquired by Warimpex and UBM as an anti-cyclical investment in late 2007 - was modernised for a total of € 4 million. A further € 4 million are budgeted for the creation of a new conference pavilion to be built next year - an important step to help consolidate the hotel's repositioning.

Only a short time ago, in February 2009, the 4-star 396-room hotel was repositioned and renamed Magic Circus. Now, following completion of the renovation works, the "magic of the circus" is clearly visible in the architecture as well. Decorations of jugglers, clowns and acrobats now reflect the alignment of the hotel. The works involved the public areas such as the entrance hall, the hotel bar and the restaurant, which was enlarged to a seating capacity for 600 people. Also renovated were the guest rooms as well as the wellness and fitness area. "It is our aim to further strengthen the position as a family hotel at the destination and to attract new guests," argues Rudolf Tucek, CEO of Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG.

Especially in the last twelve months, the destination of Disneyland® Paris has shown that people continue to invest in a family holiday despite the economically challenging times. "Even if there has been a strong shift in the source markets. This year up to 320 per cent more guests came from Austria, an additional 80 per cent from the Czech Republic, 75 per cent from France and 60 per cent from Switzerland. By comparison, we saw a decline of up to 50 per cent from the UK, which could be offset thanks to the growth from the other countries," Rudolf Tucek said at a press conference, pointing out the positive results.

"In addition to our focus on Central and Eastern Europe, we are deliberately diversifying our portfolio to include good properties in Western Europe. Last year, which was a particularly difficult year for our Eastern European markets, saw this strategy confirmed with very stable revenue development at our Parisian hotels. For this reason, I am that much more pleased this location has been given a new look," says Warimpex founder and coowner Georg Folian.

UBM CEO Karl Bier is also pleased with the positive development of the investment: "Both the Magic Circus as well as the neighbouring Dream Castle Hotel, which began operations in 2003, are outstanding investments. Even during the economic crisis, the two hotels have been in the black. For the real estate market, the worst should be over by now and we are looking optimistically towards the future: the economic research institutes forecast a recovery of the economy, the banks are providing sufficient liquidity, and investment pressure can be recognised once more among institutional investors. These are all signs that we have passed the low point."

For 2010, the creation of a conference pavilion is also planned. The technical and structural prerequisites were already created during the recent renovation works.

About UBM Realitätenentwicklung AG

UBM Realitätenentwicklung AG is successfully active in Central and Eastern Europe as a real estate developer and builder. Founded in 1873, UBM today owns new developments and existing properties with a total floor area of 462,000 m² and a total lot area of 1.5 million m². The portfolio includes investments in 10 hotels in operation with over 2,600 rooms and one hotel in development. UBM has offices in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary. The company pursues a risk-averse and substance-oriented business policy - profit is an opinion, cash is a fact. As a result of the diversification by asset classes and markets, the first three quarters of the difficult recessionary year 2009 have been relatively positive for UBM, with an EBT of € 7.1 million on revenue of € 205.9 million at 30 September 2009. UBM is listed under UBS on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

About Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG

Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG was founded in 1989. On the basis of individual management contracts, Vienna International operates and is developing a total of 41 first-class hotels & resorts (37 hotels and 4 hotel projects). The portfolio, which includes four Leading Hotels of the World, comprises city, resort, spa and conference hotels in ten European countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Russia. In addition to holiday and leisure products internationally, e.g. in Loipersdorf, Salzburg, Carlsbad and Opatija, the focus of the destinations is on business centres such as Salzburg, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Cracow, ?ódz, Bucharest, Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Vienna. In 2009, Vienna International expects to welcome over 1,980,500 guests and post total revenues of € 156 million. The hotel group employs about 2,400 people. Further information and image material related to this press release is available at

Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG

Warimpex is a real estate development and investment company with headquarters in Vienna and offices in Budapest, Prague, Saint Petersburg and Warsaw. In the last 25 years, Warimpex has developed properties in Central and Eastern Europe with a total value of more than one billion euros. Warimpex currently owns or co-owns 20 business and luxury hotels with more than 4,800 rooms as well as five commercial and office buildings with a total floor area of approx. 28,000 m². The properties are located mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. A number of further real estate projects are currently under development. In the medium term, Warimpex aims at becoming market leader in hotel real estate in "New Europe". Warimpex is listed under WXF on the Vienna and Warsaw Stock Exchanges.

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