Sonntag, 25. Februar 2018

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First female to win Europe's longest Speaker Slam

New York / Vienna / Frankfurt / Bernkastel-Kues, (lifePR) - The brightest minds of Europe's Top-Speakers gathered together for their finals at the end of June in the heart of Germany’s wine region to inspire and convince an international jury with their expertise on how we will live and work in the future. Vivienne Dübbert, Keynote Speaker and Mindset-Expert from Cologne, residing in Frankfurt, has won the prestigious award, being the first female in the history of the Speaker Slam.

Startups, Disruption, Investments, Vitality, Mindset, Deprogramming, Holistic Approaches and the Relativity of Time and Space were topics presented by the 31 experts in their specific fields of Europe's longest Speaker Slam. The event was hosted by the charming villages of Mastershausen and Bernkastel-Kues, both hidden gems on the touristic map of Germany. During 4 days of intensive preparations, the finalists were trained by leading experts from all over Europe, like Marketing- and Speaker-Guru Hermann Scherer and Martina Kapral, Talent Scout and owner of Austria’s market-leading speaker and artist agency Potential AG and Humor AG.

The Slam finals took place in Bernkastl-Kues. A grand audience cheered and applauded in the sold-out historic “Güterhalle”, listening to 6 hours of spoken words. Each finalist had to deliver a speech of expertise, insight knowledge and breakthrough methods in their respective fields. The former high ranking L’Oréal-Manager, Vivienne Dübbert, who has been spending most of her professional life in New York and Paris, talked about the importance of our mindset and how to turn disadvantages into advantages by increasing the awareness on the power of our thoughts. During her brilliant performance people were deeply moved and inspired.

“Her knowledge, combined with her liveliness, her empathetic skills and rhetoric abilities caught us off guard,” as one of the jury members mentioned to a local media representative.

For the charming Cologne-born Vivienne Dübbert the road to success continues with a masterclass program at the famous Lee Strasberg School in New York. One of the most renowned drama schools in the world, where the likes of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Robert de Niro were trained.

“I am very excited by the prospect to train with the best actors and mentors during this intensive masterclass in this exciting city. I want to further deepen my knowledge as a Public Speaker, being influential and inspiring to individuals as well as companies and huge audiences,” says Vivienne Dübbert.

This Speaker-Slam established itself as one of the most important sources for putting innovations to work and turning visions into reality. By definition of its founding companies, institutions and opinion leaders, the platform Speaker-Slam sees itself as a trigger to success. Or to put it simply with the words of Hermann Scherer: "Go and light up the world!"

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