Montag, 23. Oktober 2017

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VIB Vermögen AG: Reinforced further development of the Group's Beverages segment

Neuburg/Danube, (lifePR) - .
- Capital increase with public offer being prepared for the Group's subsidiary BHB Brauholding Bayern-Mitte AG
- Capital increase to accelerate independent, focused further development of the Beverages segment
- Goal: To establish BHB Brauholding AG as a leading regional brand
- VIB Group's interest expected to fall below 50% after successful execution

VIB Vermögen AG, a company specializing in property management for commercial real estate, believes that the further development of the VIB Group's Beverages segment is right on track. The Group's subsidiary BHB Brauholding Bayern-Mitte AG, Ingolstadt (BHB Brauholding AG) recently announced that it was preparing a capital increase with a public offer. The subsidiary BBI Bürgerliches Brauhaus Immobilien AG, Ingolstadt (BBI Immobilien AG) holds a majority interest in BHB Brauholding AG, and this company bundles the Group's operating brewery business. The interest held by BBI Immobilien AG in the capital and voting rights of BHB Brauholding AG is expected to fall below 50% after the intended capital increase has been executed. This would lead to BHB Brauholding AG and thus also the Beverages segment being deconsolidated in the VIB Group.

The capital increase being prepared aims to accelerate BHB Brauholding AG's independent, focused corporate strategy. In particular, the course already taken of establishing BHB Brauholding AG as one of the leading regional players is to be reinforced. In this regard, the company aims to increase its market penetration and unite additional brands under the BHB Brauholding AG umbrella. The brands Ingobräu and Gritschenbräu were already successfully integrated during the past 24 months, in addition to the famous HERRNBRÄU brand. The funds from the planned capital increase will be used to further improve the competitive position as part of this regional strategy.

Ludwig Schlosser, VIB Vermögen AG's CEO, believes that this is a further milestone for the sustained success of the Beverages segment: "We have already laid the organizational foundations for independent, focused further growth. Our current aim is to broaden the financial footing to continue our regional strategy. The planned capital increase will enable BHB Brauholding AG to act quickly and flexibly on the market in future." Despite the tense situation on the German beverages market, he believes that there are promising opportunities for the company. "To date, the Beverages segment has mostly been able to detach itself from the trend in the beverages industry," commented the CEO, explaining the position on the market. "The regional strength of the integrated brands is a clear plus point in this regard. BHB Brauholding AG will make even greater use of this position in future."

Peter Schropp, the member of VIB Vermögen AG's managing board responsible for real estate, and also the sole member of BBI Immobilien AG's managing board, underscored the advantages of focused further growth: "Our core business in the VIB Group is property management for commercial property. At the same time, BHB Brauholding AG has a management team with many years' experience and excellent knowledge of the industry. This planned capital increase has given the decision makers what it takes to be able to make even better use of the opportunities on the market." Once the planned capital increase has been successfully implemented, with the resulting deconsolidation of BHB Brauholding AG, the VIB Group's reporting will be able to focus on the real estate segment in future. "That will enhance transparency and clarity for all of those involved," commented Peter Schropp.

VIB Vermögen AG

VIB Vermögen AG (WKN 245751 / ISIN DE0002457512) is a medium-sized real estate holding company, whose investments focus on commercial properties in Southern Germany. Formed as a partnership in 1993, VIB Vermögen AG was transformed to become an Aktiengesellschaft (German public limited company) in 2000. Since then, the company has developed core competences in the acquisition and management of its own properties and participating interests in companies with real estate portfolios. The VIB Group pursues a buy-and-hold strategy. It both acquires properties for its own portfolio and also acquires existing properties. The VIB Group's real estate portfolio includes various logistics properties and industrial facilities, shopping and specialist retail centers as well as commercial and service centers. The VIB Group generates sustainable rental returns with a total rental area of approx. 645,000 m².

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