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Velocity: We realize American dreams

(lifePR) (Munich, ) The specialized press praises the record sales of the German car manufacturer and will never get tired to invoke its superiority over the others in the automotive world. It can be true for the mass market, but it shows only incomplete picture. Because there also exists an extremely expansive and exclusive niche market, and its steady upward trend seemed to be impossible many years ago. It concerns classic cars as well as new models: the American way of driving.

The "Player" have won a reputation in this sphere of always growing circle of automotive nonconformists. And, of course, it includes Velocity. The dream of the entrepreneurial career began, as it belongs to the "American dream", in 2005 in a Munich car garage. Thence, announced the founder and present managing partner Johannes Crepon an "Individual business" for the import and distribution of US-Car spare parts. Carried away by the excitement about the American vehicles and existing that time purchasing problems with the spare parts, accessories, performance parts. The development of the company from that time keeps in step with Power of US-Cars.

American classics become more beautiful.

You know it from Germans about imported from America classics: their technical and optical conditions are much better than of those from the native home. What is missing is the German passport. The American old timer has the both. They are the best in form and have the right birth certificate. Because of the robust technology, long-lived, with large displacement and low turning engines and the most non-corrosive conditions of the vehicle from Sun-states speak for themselves.

But what if the window crank is broken, the instrument panel is torn, the auto radio is not original any more, and the gear box is on the final stages? Quite often sounds the answer like a big California-importer in Southern Germany: "Ask John about it, hett elles!"

The fact is that with the right partner the partial supply for the American old timer is not a piece of cake, but, of course, feasible. And it is for a praise which makes the classy car admirers' eyes water. "Velocity Parts" is the leading supplier in this sphere and distinguishes itself by not only everyday-purchasing problems but again and again by the commitment to the service.

Sound tuning for modern Americans.

Under the slogan "much noise to...everything" became Velocity at the end of 2011 the first manufacturer of the complete exhaust system including EG spare parts approval for the new generation of the Chevrolet Camaro SS on the market. It is suitable for American as well as European models. This self-development is handmade from the finest stainless steel 1.4301.

Pipe diameter is 70 mm., diameter of the softener is 101 mm. But the impressive appearance will be surpassed by the sound, which produces gives the creep in all the speed ranges. From the 8-cylinder engine noise up to the infernal cry is all possible and can be admired with eyes and ears on the Velocity booth. There is also such a Velocity-sound tuning for model Ford Mustang.

Dreams are made of this: the project Ford Mustang 66

From the outside, is almost as the beloved US- old timer, and from the inner side - is a project of the technical and technological special class. Also in process, this project, presented on the Velocity- booth, is configurated as a track-day vehicle. And in such a way the Velocity proves again that on the base of the solid American technology almost infinite technological modifications can be implemented. Requirements are, however, the following: valuable components and products paired with the passionate engineering knowledge about the topic "4 wheels on road". Only in such a way increases the communicable practical experience from the theoretical knowledge, which is recognizable by the customers. The vehicle after the completion will be ready for the road use and will be available for the extensive testing by the aspirants. It's an evidence to that fact that Velocity-Parts wants to be regarded not as a parts sender, but power-performance-partner.

Guide to the dream: 2012 Ford Mustang GT Velocity Edition.

This vehicle, which has already greeted the visitor obviously in exhibition foyer, shows, that also modern Americans carry classics-genes. This bolide is a real life-style object, timeless from one side and, from the other side, is of high automotive actuality. The 2012-edition shares the same basis as the one of 2011, but comes much beefier, provokes optimal and technical feasibility even more and along with it is of an American individualist first class. It is a kind of a trade mark of Velocity Group.

America is nearer than you think: Velocity Cargo

It is a philosophy of velocity, to develop and orientate our choice of products according to the customer wish. So in the same way is developed the range of service of Velocity Cargo. This corporate division guarantees the safe, fast and easy way of the products of all the types from the USA und Canada to Germany and Europe. Please note, that it concerns not only automobile sector but also any form of goods. It can be either something small as a door handle or large as an engine lathe for the tool company.

From purchasing, storage, transporting, customs operations and up to the delivery to the place by the consignee - all the services are available in the same place. What is more, the tracking of the delivery status is capitalized to guarantee Velocity cargo-customers the transparency in the process at any time.

For further information about velocity and something for the stomach, for the ears and for the eyes, visit us in Hall 5 on our Stand 5D52.