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Neutex donates Trevira CS wall covering for Cinema Jenin

Hattersheim, (lifePR) - At the start of August 2010 the old cinema in Jenin, West Jordan was reopened amid great attention from the international media. "Cinema Jenin" is a particularly special peace project in this crisis-racked region. With financial support from the German Foreign Office as well as private and company sponsors, Palestinian craftsmen and international helpers were able to begin the refurbishment, which was supervised by the Berlin architect Johannes Hucke, in 2008. Every item was renovated, from seating to roof, while great efforts were made to retain the original design. Safety was not forgotten in the process. Made from flame retardant Trevira CS, the grey wall covering of the cinema auditorium covers an area of 360 square metres and is manufactured in a special colour shade and donated by Neutex Home Deco GmbH in Münchberg.

Parts of the Hof Textile Group, Neutex Home Deco GmbH are full-stage weavers employing over some 100 modern double-width weaving machines in the dobby weave and jacquard processes. With a 220-strong workforce, the company produces annually some 10 million metres of decorative materials, including a wide-ranging collection in Trevira CS.

The MD of Neutex, Ulrich Venhoff, is impressed by the project: "Cinema Jenin is a fantastic example of how a cultural initiative can transform a whole city. Projects like this must be supported and we wanted to make our contribution with the material from our collection. When Trevira approached us with an enquiry from the organisers about flame retardant materials for the interior furnishing of the cinema, we were immediately struck by the idea of the project. We are very pleased high standards of safety have their part to play in a project like this."

The international press took up the story of "Cinema Jenin". Ismail Khatib, one of the initiators of the cinema project, had in 2005 donated the organs of his 11 years old son, shot by Israeli soldiers, in an effort to save the lives of Israeli children. And he has since then been involved in fostering peace in the region. Together with the German documentary filmmaker Marcus Vetter, he had the idea of restoring the old cinema in the city and creating a cultural centre. In addition, there are plans to build up a local film industry in Jenin. The initiative should not only create jobs in a region of high unemployment, but also contribute in the long term towards peaceful coexistence with their Israeli neighbours and promote intercultural dialogue. Ismail Khatib was now honoured with the Hessian Peace Prize.

Following the successful opening there remains much to do in Jenin, and the project is still dependent on donations. Anyone wishing to support Cinema Jenin can "adopt" one (or several) of the 400 seats (www.cinemajenin.org).

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