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Münchner Stoff Frühling: Award for the finest Trevira CS decorative fabric

Hattersheim, (lifePR) - The Münchner Stoff Frühling took place this year from the 19 - 22 March, and for the 3rd time now 26 fabric houses were now presenting 80 collections in their Munich showrooms. Trevira CS fabrics are to be found in a large proportion of these high quality product programmes from suppliers, either as independent collections in flame retardant Trevira CS or as individual articles supplementing the collections in natural fibres or blends. While Trevira CS qualities were at one time associated with the contract sector, today they are moving more and more into the private market as well.

From the outset Trevira has acted as sponsor of the Münchner Stoff Frühling. At this year's event the company awarded for the third time the Trevira CS Award for the finest decorative fabric in Trevira CS materials. Decisive factors in the prize are innovation and variety of the fabrics, together with the concept, that is, the manner in which the theme is portrayed and presented. The materials must also, of course, be recognizable as Trevira CS.

This year the participating suppliers demonstrated a high level of commitment. Many set a little stage for their Trevira CS theme. This was the case with the well-known house of Christian Fischbacher, winner of the main award for their fabric. In a Trevira CS lounge Fischbacher had made the theme of flame retardancy both visible and audible: a crackling camp fire was projected on the floor into the centre of the space, surrounded by stools in the shape of tree stumps made from digitally printed Trevira CS fabrics. A forest of naturally coloured fabric tubing enclosed the scene. Thanks to the materials employed, there was naturally no suggestion of any danger of fire. Visitors were very taken with the idea and enjoyed a break sitting on the tree stumps.

Trevira presented two recognition awards to the suppliers Pierre Frey and Nya Nordiska. With their "café des étoffes", Pierre Frey created a coffee house, providing visitors with a good example of an end use for Trevira CS fabrics. The new collection displayed fresh colour combinations in red, white and green. Nya Nordiska created a presentation in black/white/grey that could well take its place in both the hospitality and private markets. The display also included sliding panels that were especially effective with their lasercut look.

The winners received their awards on the 20th March at an evening event at Münchner Stoff Frühling. This year the theme was "Palazzo - a Venetian night in Munich".

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