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trans-o-flex Logistics Group distributes vaccines against swine flu

Healthcare logistics specialist receives large-scale orders from almost all German states - Clear success for one-stop-shopping concept

(lifePR) (Weinheim, ) The trans-o-flex Logistics Group, with its focus on healthcare logistics, has received numerous large-scale orders in connection with the vaccination against the new flu ("swine flu", influenza virus H1N1). The majority of all German states has entrusted companies of the trans-o-flex Group with the procurement, storage or distribution of the vaccines. "Wherever we were commissioned to organise and take over the logistic handling of the vaccines, everything went off smoothly", says Kai Schmuck, Managing Director of trans-oflex. "We not only consider these additional orders a confirmation of our strategy to specialise in healthcare logistics and our one-stop-shopping concept but have also shown the flexibility necessary to reliably and perfectly manage large volumes in addition to our regular business".

Several states have directly commissioned ThermoMed, the specialist for the transportation of actively temperature-controlled products, to collect and distribute the vaccines. Background: vaccines are subject to compulsory refrigeration and have to be stored and transported at constant temperatures of between 2 and 8°C before being administered. Otherwise, there is the danger that the vaccine's active substance loses its effectiveness. Other states, e.g. Saxony, have entrusted transo- flex Logistik-Service with the complete order organisation. This company of the trans-o-flex Group, with its focus on logistic package solutions, has organised the collection of the vaccines and the accessories, such as syringes and drain tubes, from the producers as well as the storage and picking of the products in two different locations. The chilled vaccines are taken in and recipient-specifically picked in the Weinheim location before being delivered via trans-o-flex Press Release ThermoMed. The products that are not subject to compulsory refrigeration are stored and picked in Roth. From there, trans-o-flex Schnell-Lieferdienst takes over the delivery as part of its standard service. Despite the different routes, the trans-oflex EDP system treats all deliveries to the same recipient like one shipment, thus ensuring a clear overview and easy accounting procedure for the client. The specific customer has only one contact person and receives one collective invoice that clearly assigns all items to the individual recipients.

About trans-o-flex Logistik-Service GmbH

trans-o-flex Logistik-Service GmbH specialises in the management of upstream and downstream logistic processes. In addition to the storage, the company also offers order-related picking and packing services as well as shipment preparation and fine distribution. The fine distribution is mainly taken over by the trans-o-flex network. The logistic centre in Weinheim is one of several certified warehouses for pharmaceutical products, which the company operates in addition to its conventional warehouse centres.

About trans-o-flex ThermoMed

trans-o-flex ThermoMed GmbH & Co. KG, headquarters Weinheim, is the quality and market leader in Germany for the transport of temperature-sensitive shipments for the pharmaceutical industry in the temperature ranges of between 2 and 8°C as well as 15 and 25°C. The company's nationwide network consists of two sorting centres and 38 depots. Considering the degree of specialisation, ThermoMed uses its own vehicle fleet and specially trained drivers who are full-time employees. Around 700 people work for ThermoMed, which is a member of the trans-o-flex logistics group. Apart from Germany, the company's specialist services are also available in Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. More detailed information at:

trans-o-flex Express GmbH

trans-o-flex, based in Weinheim, South-West Germany, is a logistics group active throughout Europe. In Germany, via its express delivery service, it offers a full-coverage network for efficient and safe transport of parcels and pallets (combi-freight). Apart from its nationwide 24-hour deliveries (usual transit time) with numerous Express and added-value options such as hazardous material transport, trans-o-flex has developed the Eurodis network which provides delivery services in European countries, making trans-o-flex one of the leading combi-freight service providers in Europe. trans-oflex implements tailor-made logistics concepts and has developed numerous solutions for specific sectors, for instance for the pharmaceutical and consumer electronics / home entertainment industries. The trans-o-flex network is also able to transport hazardous goods in large quantities. Annual sales of the group, which has 1,125 employees, amounted to € 500 million in 2008. Since June 2008 the Austrian Post (ÖPAG) has been sole shareholder in trans-o-flex. More detailed information at: