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BMX Masters 2010 "the next Level"!

Düsseldorf/Köln, (lifePR) - Getting better and better every year, that's the motto of the BMX Masters 2010 presented by ROCKSTAR Energy Drink and the new contest-format: Starting this year the BMX Masters will run three instead of five disciplines.

To secure the best conditions possible to all participants of the BMX Masters 2010 presented by ROCKSTAR Energy Drink, which will take place July 16th to 18th 2010 in Cologne Jugendpark, we have decided to concentrate on the disciplines Dirt, Park and Super-Ramp this year. The reduction from five to three disciplines will give us more time and freedom to concentrate on the actual needs of the riders, such as more practice-time and an overall smoother contest-flow.

To make a selection of the disciplines was not easy but obvious. We are in a central position of the main atmosphere and streams. Unfortunately for the younger generation Halfpipe is just not where it's at right now, we will follow and see if this will change in the future and will consider bringing the Vert-ramp back if there is a demand for it! To the contrary, Flatland has been growing and the demands on the right surrounding area and surface with it! It has become very specific up to a point where we are unable to fulfill the needs of the today's flatlander at the Jugendpark. Let's see what the future will bring?


Every year, the spine-ramp, the biggest portable miniramp of the world, was one of the main attractions at the BMX Masters. Top riders like Daniel Dhers and Mark Webb have announced the mini-spine their personal favourite off all ramps. To offer the riders some more space to show what they got, we decided to create a complete new discipline based on our spine-ramp. The Miniramp will transform into the Super-Ramp! We don't want to tell more at this point, but be sure, it will be SUPER!: Check it out here:

We hope that all changes will make the BMX Masters even better! Be sure to find a motivated crew and the best spectators and riders in the sport of BMX at the Jugendpark this summer!

BMX-riders and -fans from all over the world will travel to Cologne Jugendpark from July, 16th to 18th for the biggest BMX-party of the year! And all oldschool-fans should be excited as well, looking forward to a big surprise once again!

Good times for all BMX-fans - our new homepage is online now!
At you will get all relevant information and the latest news about the BMX Masters 2010.

The most important facts in an overview:

BMX Masters 2010: July, 16th - 18th 2010
Location: Jugendpark Cologne
Action: 3 days non-stop BMX and Party
Disciplines: Dirt, Park, Super-Ramp
Classes: Amateur and Pro
Participants: 300 from all over the world, beneath more than 150 pros
Girls-Contest: Park
Oldschool: Surprise

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