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Call for entries for the 3rd European School Music Prize (ESP) 2013

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) ‘Spotlight on music instruction in schools’ is the motto of this year’s European School Music Prize (ESP). SOMM – the Society Of Music Merchants e. V. has just announced the 2013 round. This is the third time that classrooms and study groups from all over Europe are being called on to win over a jury of experts with their innovative and creative school music projects. Awards for the best projects will be presented at Musikmesse in Frankfurt on 12 April 2013.

The European School Music Prize (ESP)

Many music teachers and schools do outstanding work, but it often remains hidden. By exploring new approaches in their lessons, they motivate their students, advancing their creativity and overall intellectual development. To honour the work done by these teachers and their schools and to highlight the exemplary nature of their efforts, the association of the musical instrument and music equipment industry launched the European School Music Prize (ESP), which it has awarded annually since 2010. The declared goal of the competition is to strengthen music instruction in schools with its many positive aspects for children and teens. Active music making promotes disciplined work and strengthens personal development. The ESP will also serve to create greater attention for the societal importance of music instruction as an elemental part of a well-rounded education.

“Music has always been and will always be an elemental form of expression and expertise for peoples across all cultures and ages. As the leading association of the musical instrument and music equipment industry, we see education as a focus of our interests and, above and beyond this, see ‘active music-making’ as a basic and essential element in education. Making music has been proven to influence social behaviour and promote intelligence, and also serves as an integrative tool,” says Daniel Knöll, Managing Director of the Society Of Music Merchants e. V. That is why the Society honours music teachers who not only communicate the joy of music to their students in classrooms or study groups and have developed new methods and concepts for doing so – but whose ideas can explicitly serve as a model for other classrooms, schools and courses.

Online nomination phase (applications) – January 02 to February 16, 2013

Detailed information on the competition is posted at Nominations (applications) for the European School Music Prize 2013 will only be accepted online, on this site, from 02 January 2013 to 16 February 2013. An application consists of the completed nomination form and a 5-minute video showing the working methods, processes and results of the project. Teachers and students are requested to start with the video documentation of their project as soon as possible (preferably now). All would-be participants can register online starting today to be notified in writing as soon as the nomination procedure has begun and the online form is available.

Categories of the European School Music Prize

The ESP is awarded in two categories – ‘Musical work in the classroom’ and ‘Musical work in study groups’ – which in turn are broken down into three sub-categories each: Years 1 - 5, Years 6 - 12 and Special Needs Schools. The ESP is endowed with total prize money of 21,000 EUR; any one school may be awarded up to 4,000 EUR. In the first two years of the ESP, 12 schools received awards.

The ESP is open to schools all over Europe

The European School Music Prize is targeted not only at schools in Germany or German-language schools in other European countries, but at all schools all over Europe. “Just as the many different instruments make up a resounding whole in an orchestra, music strengthens the European idea by uniting different cultures. That is why the ESP explicitly welcomes applications from all European countries,” says Elisabeth Kühl, ESP project manager.

The Judges

The winners of the ESP will be selected by a panel of judges, which is comprised of notable personages in music education and has remained unchanged since 2010. It is chaired by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pfeifer, a music professor at the Philosophy department of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg since 2011. Dr. Pfeifer is himself an active member of various bands and music ensembles; producer of musicals; and manager of research projects and music promotion projects such as His fellow judges are Evelyn Beißel, a teacher at the public secondary modern school in Naila and Deputy Chair of the Association of Bavarian School Musicians; Georg Biegholdt, author and publisher of music-teaching periodicals and music textbooks, and state chairman of the School Music Task Force (AfS) in Saxony; and Andreas Rubisch, who heads the ‘JeKi-Hessen’ and ‘Cooperation between Gen Ed and Music Schools’ projects.

For more information on registering for the European School Music Prize (ESP), please visit or

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