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SIM2 Multimedia and Bang&Olufsen sign a global agreement

Leader in innovation, partners in excellence / The Danish Company's dealer network will distribute the high-end projectors "Made in Italy"

Berlin, (lifePR) - SIM2 Multimedia, prominent Italian manufacturer of high-end projectors for home theater and professional applications, and the Danish company Bang & Olufsen, leading provider of luxury audio and video products, sign a strategic agreement of international validity. Starting September 2012, Bang & Olufsen is opening up their distribution and recommending the SIM2 projectors as a supplement to the Bang & Olufsen products. In particular the DLPTM based projectors models from the Sim2 Multimedia range, will be sold by the Bang & Olufsen 900 stores worldwide. The agreement was formalized at IFA in Berlin, at the launch of the new SIM2 M.150, the first 3D home cinema projector illuminated by 3 x LED.

The Sim2 - Bang & Olufsen collaboration will enable to create a wider product offer and a cutting edge marketing proposal, to meet the growing requirements of the demanding customers for the home entertainment. The range of state-of-the-art audio and video products offered by Bang & Olufsen will be widened by made-in-Italy SIM2 projectors, whose high-end technology is a benchmark for all manufacturers operating in this industry. With this agreement, Sim2 will increase its worldwide distribution network of 40%, with a partner that is synonymous of Design & Technology

SIM2 Multimedia and Bang & Olufsen have different origins and histories, but they share the same approach to work, based on research, innovation, advanced design and continuous improvement of their performances. The two companies turn to the same audience, selected and high-level consumers - well-disposed to changes in technology -, that in a home cinema system search for an emotional, involving experience more than a pure moment of entertainment.

SIM2 is one of the few European companies that, through its strong commitment to innovation, know-how and focused activities, has been able to establish a remarkable global reputation, even among the greatest-ever directors, such as Francis Ford Coppola and David Lynch. Bang & Olufsen boasts a history of more than 85 years: the company is known worldwide, and its brand evokes hedonism, stylistic perfection and excellent performances. Both companies have the merit of challenging the ordinary and proposing amazing, long-lasting experiences to their audience: each of them offers incomparable quality in its area of expertise.

'It is a great pleasure to work in this tough time with a prestigious and esteemed Company such as Bang&Olufsen', said Maurizio Cini, president and CEO of SIM2 Multimedia. 'SIM2 high-end solutions for projectors are appreciated worldwide, and they are well in line with the positioning and reputation of Bang&Olufsen. We are confident that our agreement - a partnership of excellence - will contribute to launch our business in a high scale.

Jakob Odgaard, Managing Director for Bang & Olufsen in South & Central Europe says: "Bang & Olufsen's BeoLiving concept offers a unique way of transforming a living room into a home cinema with just a push on one button. Here the SIM2 projectors are a perfect match to the Bang & Olufsen audio and video products for creating the right Home Cinema experience"

About Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen was founded in Struer, Denmark, in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, two innovative, young engineers devoted to high quality audio reproduction. Since then, the brand has become an icon of performance and design excellence through its long-standing craftsmanship tradition and the strongest possible commitment to high-tech research and development. Still at the forefront of domestic technology, Bang & Olufsen has extended its comprehensive experience with integrated audio and video solutions for the home to other areas such as the hospitality and automotive industries in recent years. Consequently, its current product range epitomizes seamless media experiences in the home as well as in the car and on the move. For more information on Bang & Olufsen, please visit

SIM2 Deutschland GmbH

Founded in 1995, SIM2 is an Italian electronics industry that designs, manufactures and supplies award winning cinema and home theater DLP®-based projectors, as well as high-performance large screen systems (for control rooms, information, communication, and simulation). In a world dominated by large multinational corporations, SIM2 is a company that, through its strong commitment to research (SIM2 invests over 20% of its human resources and over 10% of total revenues in R&D activities), innovation, know-how and focused activities has been able to establish a remarkable global reputation. The company provides the world's finest displays for different markets and applications, each representing perfection and state-of-the-art technology. The company has a world-wide presence with sister companies in Italy, Germany, UK, China, and USA and in over 60 countries worldwide through qualified partners.

For more information on SIM2 Multimedia, please visit

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