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New price system at Scandlines for more individual choice and transparency

Puttgarden, (lifePR) - Scandlines changed their price concept as per 12th April 2010. The aim is to match the offering better to the broad customer structure and allow additional price comparison at a glance. This ensures more transparency for the customers and every passenger may book his/her departure customized to his/her individual needs.

The ways to prepare a trip with the ferry are as varied as the reasons for it. For example, some plan well in advance and want to book everything as early as possible with little need for flexibility, others would rather decide spontaneously and prefer full flexibility. In order to meet these different customer needs even better in the future, Scandlines has further modified their price system.

"Our new, revised price system is based on seasonal variations, which is a well known and proven concept within the tourism industry, but without increasing prices towards the time of departure. Generally, there are three tariffs to choose from: Economy, Standard and Plus", Lindy Kjøller, Manager of Passenger Sales, briefly summarizes the new concept. All rates are payable immediately by credit carte or direct bank debit. For cancellations, ten Euro handling fee are generally incurred.

Economy rate

Being quick pays off. The Economy rate is limited and is attractive until 35 days prior to a concrete departure due to especially favorable terms. On the Puttgarden - Rødby line, it is even on sale until 14 days in advance. If the travel plans change on short notice, up to one day prior to the first departure, bookings can be changed to the Standard or Plus rate without problems. Only the price difference to the new ticket price must be paid. If the trip must be cancelled completely, you may do so until 35 day before the first departure - for the Puttgarden - Rødby link, 14 days are sufficient. The customer is refunded 50 percent of the ticket price.

Standard rate

With the Standard rate, passengers can travel on short notice - if available. In most cases, it is sufficient to just travel to the ferry port to cross the Baltic Sea using the next free departure. If the travel plans change, the Standard rate can be changed to another departure within the rate or to the Plus rate. There are no additional costs, unless the new departure is more expensive. If you change your booking up to one day before the first booked departure, passengers are even refunded the price difference upon request with the Scandlines Service Center if the new departure is cheaper and the price difference exceeds five Euro. Up to five days prior to the travel date, the selected departure can be cancelled for a full refund. Less then five days before departure customers will then be refunded part of the price.

Plus rate

If you consider time as a luxury, you only fix the travel date and spontaneously decide for a departure - and hence for the Plus rate. Transportation by the next departure possible on the booked date is always guaranteed. As an additional service, Plus travelers enjoy the privilege to have priority boarding and leave the ship first. In addition, there is a 15-percent discount on all catering services on board and ten percent at the Travel Shop and the perfume store. You may change bookings up to six months after the original departure date. In case of an expensive departure, only the price difference must be paid. If cancellation cannot be avoided, the Plus rate grants a full fare refund within a period of six months - valid from the first departure date booked.

The new price system is valid on the links Puttgarden - Rødby, Rostock - Gedser, Rostock - Trelleborg and Sassnitz - Trelleborg. On the two latter routes, the Plus rate is not offered.

Scandlines Deutschland GmbH

Scandlines was founded in 1998 and is one of the largest ferry companies in Europe. Scandlines' core business is transportation of passengers and goods in the triangle between Denmark, Germany and Sweden, as well as on routes to the Baltic States and to Finland. Scandlines sails with 12 million passengers, 2.7 million cars, as well as 0.7 million trucks and trailers per year, and the prime mission is to provide efficient, reliable and competitive transportation.

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