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GALILEO organic Design meets patented technic

(lifePR) (Ebermannsdorf, ) New thinking, new sitting - with this motto SATO OFFICE GmbH is working. With innovative developments - e.g. the office chair GALILEO, based on the latest scientific results the manufacturer underlines its innovative leadership claim.

Combination of Design, Ergonomics and Comfort

GALILEO received its unmistakable form from the internationally renowned architect and designer Francoise-Hélène Jourda. She sees each of her creations as a sensitive organism which reacts to its environment. Galileo expresses this philosophy with its unmistakable aesthetic shape - in the same way Jourda conceived the architecture of the company headquarters in Upper Palatinate Ebermannsdorf. However, GALILEO is more than just an eye-catcher in the office. "In the design and development of GALILEO we achieved the optimum combination of design, ergonomics and comfort" explained Peter Schwab, managing director of SATO OFFICE.

Quadruple patented global innovation

Four new patents at once are built into the bowels of GALILEO. Together these innovations mark a quantum leap in comfort and ergonomics. They also represent a further development of the patented Glide-TEC Mechanism, which as "Glide-Tec" in GALILEO redefines ergonomic seating. Central elements of this unique seating technology are:
- a moveable seat which in interaction with a patented three-dimensional moveable backrest allows optimal sedentary mobility;
- promotes the ergonomically desirable switch between bent and stretched back through the patented support for lordosis-kypkosis movement;
- sedentary comfort in a new dimension through a patented simplified seat depth, as well as
- the likewise patented automatic weight adjustment

These four new patents in a sophisticated mechanism with the name "Glide-Tec+" give better sitting, better working, better relaxing and better operation

This distinctively cooperation of technic and Design was honoured immediately!

GALILEO has been nominated for the Federal Republic of Germany Design Award 2008 by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology.

GALILEO represents SATO's core competence: the development of innovative seating systems for the office market. "GALILEO", summed up Peter Schwab, "has everything the demanding executive desires for his working day in the office: a distinctive, attractive eye-catcher, absolutely simple use and a technical package which adapts itself to the natural human desire for movement when sitting, keeping the back healthy. New thinking, new sitting - for better working".

NowyStyl GmbH

Development of ergonomic chair systems - that is the core competence of SATO OFFICE GmbH. The corporation with 160 employees - of which 110 are based in Germany - produces chair systems worldwide for offices, cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and conference halls.

The company focuses on close cooperation with the research in order to realize solutions which are ergonomically and technically up-to-date: people shall sit in their offices comfortably and should always be able to move without being regularized by technology.

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