Montag, 20. Februar 2017

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More Conference Topics & Speakers Confirmed

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) WOMEX is pleased to announce more Conference topics and speakers this week, which will be agitating brain cells at WOMEX 12. Once again, special thanks goes to the ingenious Samurai, Nadia EL-Imam (Sweden) and Lemez Lovas (UK), who curated the multifarious Conference programme.

Derek Andrews (Canada), Global Cafe, will present a session on Touring Canada - the "most fun, best run" summer music circuit, drawn from the sixties folk boom. He will discuss North American booking conferences and how Canada can be a useful bridge to all of the Americas.

Artists looking to get their tracks played on television shouldn't miss Syncing Fast! The session is chaired by Tim Rabjohns (UK), Dotmogo; with Brooke Wentz (USA), Seven Seas Music; and Bettina Schasse de Araujo (Germany), piranha womex. The panel will explore some of the barriers that musicians face as well as look at some of the solutions for getting better exposure.

Apps and music is an exploding sector: rock, hip-hop, jazz - they're all at it. The ins and outs of making music and using creative apps will be examined in a session entitled Appily Ever After, chaired by Yaniv Fridel (Israel/UK), Lemez and Fridel; with Dave Haynes (UK), SoundCloud.

A participatory, interactive session on diaspora, technology and music consumption - Don't Ask Me Where I'm From, But Where I'm Going!
- will be chaired by Nadia EL-Imam (Sweden), Edgeryders; with Tom Frouge (USA), Avokado Artists/¡Globalquerque!; Randy Raine-Reusch (Canada), ZaDiscs/HMR3 Productions; and Oliver Carruthers (UK), Rich Mix.

More sessions and speakers to be confirmed shortly:

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