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2,400 apartments are to be built using Modular universal formwork

A luxury residential complex is currently under construction using Modular universal formwork in the prosperous Indian state of Telangana

Steinach, (lifePR) - In Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana State, India, prestigious companies are developing together with the long-standing PASCHAL customer M / S. Tata Projects Limited on the joint development of a modern residential complex. The complex will occupy 20 acres and will consist of 2,400 apartments in 17 apartment towers and 10 storey high each. The project will last 36 months.

In a second phase, further facilities will be built, including a clubhouse, a gym, shops and the like. Paschal formwork has proven itself for its quality products with Ms Tata projects Limited in several projects. With the same belief from Ms TATA Projects Limited, PASCHAL Formwork has supplied Modular universal formwork system for reinforced concrete columns and bracing shear walls primarily at Rajendra nagar residential project. 

Extraordinary productivity

A total of 163,980 m² vertical formwork area is to be completed in about 24 months using only 611 m² Modular panels. In order to achieve a productivity rate of 12.0 m², per man-day, the construction team received training on site from the PASCHAL engineers, as well as a prepared formwork schedule and an ingenious concreting cycle plan.

According to the schedule, 3 apartment towers with 35 reinforced concrete columns, i.e. 105 columns per storey, will be casted and concreted at a time. The schedule provides for 5 working days for each. On the 6th day, the formwork will be removed and the Modular formwork units will be transferred to the next cycle.

Quality based on experience

The Modular formwork is often used by M/S. Tata Projects Limited because of its extensive range of elements, which enables it to be adapted very easily to the requirements of a given project and the construction workers are easily able to master the simple, versatile system, such as the easy-to-use but effective connecting keybolts. Moreover, the form-work units are designed to be sturdy and durable, so the purchase of this formwork represents a profitable investment for M/S. Tata Projects Limited. This long-standing PASCHAL customer therefore considers itself well advised to  use PASCHAL premium brand in this project as well, since not only the performance quality but also the demanding schedule providing for 268 deployments have so far been met.

As of March 2017, building progress was on schedule according to the plan, a very important concern for the building principal.

Modular, the universal formwork

Modular universal formwork is particularly well suited to the Indian market, because its stable flat frame, simple connection technology and practical range of elements mean that the Modular can be used in a host of different applications. The Modular elements can be transported and erected by hand and then installed in place as a complete formwork unit with the aid of a crane. For this purpose, it is equipped with a crane lifting system which enables a crane to safely lift up to 24 m² and 600 kg.

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