Sonntag, 24. September 2017

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Computer and video games: active discovery and construction of new knowledge

Lengerich, (lifePR) - "The attributes of good computer and video games are coherent with the way people learn and they can act to create effective active-learning environments. Game environments can offer a non-linear, active/performance based setting into which there is a potential to incorporate varying levels of complexity. Players learn through performance or learning by doing", Michela Moretti emphasizes in her textbook "Game-based learning - Discover the pleasure of learning".

"Experiential Learning with computer and video games can overcome many of the limitations associated with learning by rote or in static learning situations in which the knowledge gained is not often directly transferable or applicable to real world or unfamiliar scenarios.

As games are inherently experiential in nature, learning is achieved through Trial and Error, Experimentation and Role Play. There is the added advantage that these activities are carried out in a secure and risk free environment, in addition to learning from positive outcomes. Furthermore, depending on the purpose of the game, the available roles can be tailored to the particular need of the player, thus providing the important attribute of individualisation ..."

The textbook provides teachers with informations how to implement and create game-based learning in their classes (age 10-15 years).

Maja Pivec, Michela Moretti (Eds):
Game-based learning - Discover the pleasure of learning
Pabst, Lengerich/Berlin, 148 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-521-4

E. Keitel, G. Süß, R. Gunzenhäuser, A. Hahn:
Computerspiele - Eine Provokation für die Kulturwissenschaften?
Pabst, Lengerich/Berlin, 128 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-89967-089-9

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