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"Expo Shanghai 2010"

(lifePR) (Wien, ) From 1 May to 31 October 2010, the east Chinese city of Shanghai will be the venue for the Expo 2010 World Exposition under the motto "Better City, Better Life". Expo has attracted the participation of 227 countries and numerous international organisations and will be occupy a 5.28 km2 site on both sides of the Huangpu River in close proximity to the city centre. The main attraction, the "Expo Axis", is a building that is just under 1000 m (!) long with the world's largest diaphragm construction. In order to cope with the millions of guests expected, the public transport system has recently been hugely expanded, and industrial buildings and traditional residential buildings on the site have been renovated and integrated into the spacious exhibition concept.

Austria will be represented at Shanghai with an extensive business programme, the aim being to exploit Expo 2010 as a platform and launching pad to present the achievements of Austrian enterprises in China and eastern Asia. The main focal point will be in the field of transport and mobility, environment and energy, lifestyle and modern living, and health and medical technology. (At present, 370 Austrian companies are already active in China, and as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce claims, Austria has already got "its foot in the door".) Among the exhibitors in Shanghai will be the Austrian Post Office, whose present commemorative is dedicated to the World Exposition and will be presented to the international public on site. The motif shows one of Vienna's most famous landmarks, Schönbrunn Palace, together with a portrait of Empress Elisabeth, who under her nickname Sisi continues to enjoy worldwide popularity.

Shanghai is the most important industrial city in the People's Republic of China. The total administrative territory is home to around 19 million people, and the 6,400 km2 city and it's partly rural settlement structure is best compared with a province. Its huge container port makes Shanghai a major traffic junction and an important cultural and educational centre with numerous universities, colleges, research institutions, theatres and museums. In addition, the town has long been one of the leading centres of textiles production in China. Other important fields of production include chemical and pharmaceutical products, vehicles (above all ships), machinery and steel. In addition, electrical engineering and electronic systems as well as equipment such as computers, radios and cameras are produced on a large scale by countless enterprises.

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