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An Exceptional Luxury Hotel Amidst the Ancient Walls of Santa Rosa Monastery

In Conca dei Marini, on the Amalfi Coast

Conca dei Marini, (lifePR) - The portal, austere and modest, as befits a Monastery, reveals with its uncertain engravings the signs of the time. Over three centuries: 1681. The bell, no! It has been faithfully rebuilt. Just a toll... maybe two. It was enough for letting an invisible nun, hidden behind a grid, open the door.

The idea to propose that sound again, there, on the facade of the Monastery, seemed to Flavio Colantuoni the simplest and most authentic form of announcement for guests of Santa Rosa.

"It's the little things that often give us a strong emotion. That slight ring of a bell is a dive into the past. Not to mention that the sound brings out the entire staff at the reception, ready to give arriving guests every form of comfort, from the collection of luggage to the parking of the car and check-in procedures, so that the client immediately perceives the different atmosphere of the Santa Rosa, also, if compared with the best hotel reception ceremonials".

Colantuoni - from Padua, of ancient Samnite origins, instinctively nice, General Manager of Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa, formerly governing other prestigious accommodation facilities like Palazzina Grassi in Venice - has experienced for himself the latest phase of a long and exhausting restoration of the Monastery of Conca dei Marini.

Such renovation work has lasted more than a decade, due to many obstacles and impediments, and also because the whole work has been designed - at the express request of the ownership - in absolute and strict adherence to the existing spaces and volumes. It is a renovation both conservative and philological, in order to bring back to the old Monastery - high, in its majestic solitude on the steep rock relief - the charm of a place and of a civilization beyond comparison.

Just think of the expensive recovery, even of seemingly unimportant elements, and yet expression of an era and a way of life: from the wooden doors of the cells to the wrought and forged iron following the long walkways. On the other hand, if you consider that only twenty rooms and suites (almost all of them born by the merging of more cells and by the need of adequate services) have been made from such a large-sizes complex, it is easy to deduce that the restoration is to be considered above all an act of love, which has given birth to a real legend.

Mrs Bianca Sharma, famous American businesswoman and refined art and antiques collector, discovered the Monastery during a boat trip along the coast. The view of the massive building, almost hanging over the sea, and its self-evident condition of deterioration, urged her to buy it. The aim was primarily to save a monument of extraordinary beauty, in a context which has no equal. The adventure began with a thousand obstacles and harassments, even when all requirements were satisfied and all permits acquired. But the American lady held out; she suffered but didn't give up, although this situation often posed a threat to the whole project.

Now the Monastery of Santa Rosa is a unique luxury hotel, like few in the world, for its exceptional location and the unique atmosphere that circulates within its walls. In fact, while offering every comfort, and the highest level of quality and service, it preserves an atmosphere and a taste from olden times. Something that allows guests to immerse themselves in another world, without renouncing the benefits of progress.

What really makes a stay at the Monastery attractive and unexpected is the chance to live in harmony with one's of mind and the different moods that often mark our days. First, there is the magic distribution of particularly neat gardens on four levels; then, the infinity pool, which seems to have no boundaries between sea and sky; and then the rooms, and much more, the suites: a unique place between exposure and décor, a touch of real sophistication, which makes Santa Rosa a fully fascinating "locus animi." But it is the space - referred to as an uncommon dimension - that is the absolute protagonist of Santa Rosa.

It became, thanks to a Roman businessman, a hotel in 1924 and one of the thirty-nine Relais Chateaux, whose slogan read: "The sun in every window, the sea from every window."

Today, the Monastery is both a luxury hotel and a fully equipped Spa with sauna, steam rooms, emotion showers, hydrotherapy pool and tepidarium. In short, a successful integration to make your stay relaxing and complete. A special mention must be made of the restaurant where awardwinning chefs keep amazing even the most demanding gourmets.

Mrs. Bianca, though fully absorbed by her commitments, doesn't fail to dedicate herself to Santa Rosa, where she has variously put, with great sensibility, the most valuable pieces of her antiquarian property. And so, Nature, which offers itself in all of its beauty, is joined by the serenity and peace of the old Monastery. They both give rise to a kind of enchantment that only Santa Rosa can induce.

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