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JD Group extends TranzX PST product line

Friedrichshafen, (lifePR) - JD Group, manufacturer of mobility products and bike components, today announced the extension of its industry leading TranzX Power Support Technology (TranzX PST) product range, ideal for bicycle manufacturers seeking a high-performance solution to help fuel the demands for electric powered bicycles.

With its sights set squarely on delivering pioneering drive system technology, JD Group is introducing a number of new products at the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Being unveiled at the leading trade show for the bicycle industry, the RPM Sensor system (RS) is an entry-level solution designed to bring TranzX Power Support Technology performance to a competitively priced pedelec. The system manufacturer is also showcasing the next-generation of its successful TMM4-based system, now labelled the Torque Sensor (TS) system. JD's top-end system, boasting the highest levels of performance and comfort, stands out immediately with its dynamic, attractive styling.

JD Group is furthermore premiering two electric concept bikes at its booth in Hall A5. The eCompact and eSchool bikes hint at future uses of the TranzX PST pedal-activated drive system and demonstrate the company's diversification into adjacent product segments in the growing market for electric bicycles. These two new designs neatly sum up the innovation and vitality of JD Group, whose range on show at Friedrichshafen is richer and more modern than ever before.

"Our concept bicycles send the message that JD Group is committed to keeping our customers ahead of the technology curve by providing superior solutions that push the envelope and enable users to leverage their current equipment," said Gino Tsai, president of the JD Group. "With the introduction of the RPM Sensor system, JD is taking advanced TranzX Power Support Technology and making it available in an aggressively priced entry-level system."

The new line of TranzX Power Support Technology drive systems by JD is again setting the benchmark in the latest development of e-bike technology.

The TranzX PST product family

JD Group has segmented TranzX Power Support Technology into two distinctly separate products, with successively greater features, innovations and benefits. TranzX PST/TS (Torque Sensor system) is the product family's flagship system representing the latest technological advancements. TranzX PS/RS (RPM Sensor system) is JD Group's brand new entry-level system.

The two unique systems are designed with clients' individual desires and distinctive market needs in mind.

The all-new completely-redesigned TranzX PST/TS drive system dramatically expands the model's capabilities and appeal with superior performance, comfort and sleek new styling. The system delivers ground-breaking technology and brings the newest innovations to the electric bicycle: Intuitive power with quicker response, a better performance motor that is almost noiseless, an intelligently simple display screen with the company's latest development Dynamic Diagnostic System and an elegant and lightweight rear rack carrier that perfectly accommodates the battery and controller.

Styled to make any bicycle look fashionable, the Torque Sensor system offers more than just pedal power - the advanced Lithium battery technology lets the rider travel as far as 75 km per charge, with a top speed of 25 km/h.

And it charges by plugging into any standard electrical outlet.

All-new RPM Sensor system offers OEMs an extremely competitive solution The new entry-level system, TranzX PST/RS, is a versatile drive system engineered to deliver continuous power support until the cutoff speed is reached. A speed sensor in the hub motor combines with an RPM crank position sensor to provide constant feedback of how fast the bike is moving, cutting off power support at 25 km/h. The newcomer does not incorporate the high-tech TMM4 sensor used in TranzX PST/TS. This drive system can be easily fitted onto any frame giving manufacturers greater flexibility. And it gives OEMs an alternative and cost-effective solution to better meet the demand for electric power-assisted bikes with a quality entry-level system.

The strong quiet electric motor is powered by either a 24-volt 9AH nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery or an advanced Lithium-Ion battery 24V 9AH - both let the rider travel as far as 50 km per charge, with a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h. The battery is protected in JDs proprietary "strongbox" integrated in the rear carrier.

New concept bikes are sign of what future may hold for e-bikes

JD Group further broadens its range with the premiere of two concept bikes. With the eCompact and eSchool bikes, JD presents two new concepts that don't fit into standard categories of bicycles, as additions to its line-up.

These concept bicycles demonstrate TranzX PSTs adaptability in unique ways. The single speed eSchool and 20-inch eCompact concept bikes make evident the revolution that JD Group foresees electric bicycles taking in the future and give details of the company's strategic plans and diversification into new product segments.

Both bikes take a new exciting direction in power assisted cycling, a path that emphasizes the aesthetics in the execution and creation of an electric bike. The bikes are a far cry from the early e-bikes that had functional low step-through frames designed for the elderly and riders that could no longer ride conventional bikes.

The eCompact bike with its 20-inch wheels delivers comfort and swiftness in riding, is easy to get on and off of, has increased handling, and is easy to store or transport. The eCompact is more responsive than normal e-bikes allowing for faster acceleration as well as more turning and steering control. The small-wheeled pedelec can climb inclines better and is easier to handle when riding in traffic.

The eSchool bike is a cool and trendy city bike for the urban biker. The electric powered single-speed bike crosses over the bike culture into the ultra-hip skate and scooter scene. It demonstrates a level in simplicity that would certainly make it the favored transport of young urbanites, a target group that is yet to be tapped by manufacturers of electric bicycles. It's cool, trendy and simple: You just pedal and plug into any outlet when the battery runs down.

Introducing these bicycle concepts, JD Group electrifies products designed to reach customers in nearly all areas of the bicycle market. These concept bikes also demonstrate TranzX Power Support Technology's core strengths and values, which provide the foundation for the company's strategic direction and make it well prepared to respond to the challenges of the future.

TranzX PST strategy based on clear vision and precise objectives

JD Group focus is set solid on establishing a competitive position within the e-bike industry. A decade before the bike industry took particular notice of the benefits of electric power-assisted bikes, JDs engineers launched the company's electric mobility program.

In 2005, JD set out to engineer a pedal-activated drive system that would guarantee the highest quality, reliability and durability while offering bicycle manufacturers countless application possibilities. The years of research and development came to a successful climax with the launch of TranzX Power Support Technology (PST) at the Taipei Cycle Show in March 2007. The innovative system - aided by a host of innovations - sought to answer market demands for superior performance, comfort, design, riding dynamics and mobility.

The company's next milestone came with the opening of a Customer Support and Technical Service Center near Frankfurt, Germany at the beginning of this year. As a key OEM provider to a host of popular bicycle brands, JD is now able to offer its European customers a level of service many other suppliers cannot compete with.

With the new additions to its TranzX Power Support Technology product family, JD Group further demonstrates its commitment to innovation as a strategic objective. In an industry that's constantly evolving and placing more pressure on manufacturers to conduct business more efficiently, JD believes that it is essential to continuously invest in R&D related innovation.

Finally, the new product range extensions illustrate the company's strategic expansion of the TranzX PST line-up into other product segments via diversification into adjacent markets. JD Group thus continues to apply its core skills in developing new products and technologies that serve new markets.

About JD Group

JD Group is famous for having ignited the 20th century's last great fad when it created the kick scooter. Forbes magazine put JD's light-weight, aluminum miniscooter in a class with Crayola Crayons and Beanie Babies as one of the 10 most popular toys of the century.

The company began in 1986 in Chang Hua, Taiwan as a manufacturer of high-end aluminum bicycle frames and specialty components, which it continues to produce and market globally under TranzX, a global brand for quality bicycle components.

Today, JD Group is a world leader in mobility innovation, with an outstanding collection of quality brands across different product categories. These brands include: JD Bug, CityBug, JD Razor and TranzX. All of the products produced by JD Group have the quality and reputation for high standards that JD Group has established for over more than two decades.

As an OEM supplier, JD Group manufactures mobility products for many of the world's leading brands such as Coca Cola, Ferrari, Kawasaki, Pride Mobility, Razor, Red Bull and Swiss Army.

The JD Group has offices in Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany and the United States. The conglomerate owns and operates three manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China.

ITMS Marketing GmbH

Die JD Gruppe entfachte den letzten großen Modetick des 20. Jahrhunderts, als sie den Razor und JD Bug Kick Scooter einführten. Das Forbes Magazin setzte JD's leichtgewichtige Aluminium-Miniscooter auf eine Ebene mit den Crayola Crayons und den Beanie Babies als eines der 10 bekanntesten Spielzeuge des Jahrzehntes.

1986 startete die JD Gruppe in Chang Hua, Taiwan, als Hersteller von hochwertigen Aluminium Fahrradrahmen und Fahrradteilen, welche weltweit unter dem Namen TranzX, einem bekannten Markennamen für Fahrradteile produziert und vermarktet werden.

Heute gehört die JD Gruppe zu den weltweit führenden Unternehmen bei der Entwicklung von innovativen Fortbewegungsmitteln mit einer Vielzahl von Qualitätsmarken in unterschiedlichen Produktkategorien. Diese Marken beinhalten: JD Bug, CityBug, JD Razor und TranzX. Alle Produkte die von der JD Gruppe hergestellt werden versprechen höchste Qualität und spiegeln JD's Ruf, seit mehr als zwei Jahrzehnten auf höchstem Standard zu produzieren, wieder.

Als OEM-Zulieferer produziert die JD Gruppe Produkte für viele der weltweit führenden Marken, wie Coca Cola, Ferrari, Kawasaki, Pride Mobility, Razor, Red Bull und Swiss Army.

Die JD Gruppe verfügt über Niederlassungen in Taiwan, China, Japan, Deutschland und den USA. Das Konglomerat betreibt drei Werke in Taiwan und China.

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