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The Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK) has a new board

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) On June 14, 2014 IGBK delegates elected a new board in Berlin.

Chairpersons are Andrea Knobloch (Deutscher Künstlerbund) from Düsseldorf, Prof Ulrike Rosenbach (GEDOK - Verband der Gemeinschaften der Künstlerinnen und Kunstförderer) from Roderath/Nettersheim and Werner Schaub (BBK - Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler) from Neckargemünd. Werner Schaub has been elected speaker of the board for the next 3 years.

Other board members are Lutz Hirschmann (Leipzig), annette hollywood (Berlin), André Kestel (Halle), Susanne Meier-Faust (Freiburg), Ingrid Scheller (Cologne) and Moira Zoitl (Berlin).

At their meeting IGBK delegates also discussed planned projects for the year 2014:

- The information portal for artists working internationally 'touring artists' ( and the ongoing series of touring artists workshops organised at various places together with different partners

- A planned European symposium on copyright questions related to the visual arts. The symposium will take place in Brussels in October in cooperation with the collecting society Bild-Kunst, with UNI-MEI and European Visual Artists (EVA)

- The IGBK publication 'Dreams of Art Spaces Collected' will be released in late summer. It collects contributions by international authors and initiatives that archive information on artists' networks and alternative exhibition spaces.