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Sabrina Fox get the MIND AWARD 2017

Jury honours famous artist, coach and author with the special award in the category "Art & Culture"

(lifePR) (Ruppach-Goldhausen, ) The highlighting, networking, supporting and honoring of people and organizations, which have performed great achievements both personally and socially is the essence of the

- MIND AWARD für Bewusstsein, Bildung, Forschung und Kunst (& Kultur)

- MIND AWARD for Awareness, Education, Science and Art (& culture)

The book author and artist Sabrina Fox has helped a lot of people through their work and nature in their personal and spiritual development.

She works not only as a sculpture-maker, but also as a mentor (as in angel sculpture) and as a book author, as well as a lecture speaker, she helps people with practical help in their personal development.

For her attitude in life, her values and her undogmatic faith, she receives the MIND AWARD.

Since 2009 the MIND AWARD is a symbol of this common quest, including the "rainbow nation" (Nelson Mandela). It is the world's first and most important educational prize, which has already been awarded to some distinguished personalities, courageously and consistently advocating this legacy of a holistic evolution.

- Previous honors are Dr. Ruediger Dahlke (doctor, author), Dr. Franz Alt, Professor Declan Kennedy, Prof. Götz Werner (dm drogeriemarkt, basic income), Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp (biophotons), Volkshochschulen (VHS), Reiner Meutsch and Joachim Franz, as well as pastor Jürgen Fliege and Dr. Dieter Broers.

- Ambassadors are Dr. Tanja Kinkel, Dr. Lea Ackermann, Father Anselm Grün and Reinhold Messner.

The special award is awarded at the discretion and recommendation of the jury for special achievements or for a life’s work.

About the awardee:

Sabrina Fox has been dealing with holistic topics for more than 25 years. She would like to support: For a more alert and conscious life. In addition, she writes books and articles, gives workshops, lectures and interviews. She is considered a pioneer of the spiritual women's scene. With a mixture of openness, clarity, warmth and humour, she inspires to explore her own path of souls. She shows ways to more alertness and change, more self-love and courage, understanding of mindfulness and intuition. She is a best-selling author of over a dozen books, graduated as a clinical hypnosis therapist, mediator, conflict coach and studied sculpture, song and rhythm, and has been walking barefoot since mid-2014. She lived in California for 16 years and studied Indian teachings and meditation. In her last books she writes especially about the connection between body-mind-soul. In addition to her work as a teacher of consciousness she enjoys her sculpture and improvised singing. Sabrina is the mother of a daughter and a mother-in-law as well as a friend of two gift children and lives with the painter Stanko near Munich.

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The nomination criteria are as follows:

Who: Persons or organisations demonstrating a holistic and sustainable approach to what they do.
What: Ethical conduct and innovative (future) concepts for mankind and the environment.
How: Development work, creating awareness, educational measures and publications.

The jury combines beneath Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, Wolfgang Maiworm (Congress and Seminarplaner) and Thomas Künne (Astrologe, Author) experts from civic society, politics, economics and the sciences. All of them have worked on advancing and developing society and all have approached raising an awareness for consciousness. Could there be anything more important than uniting education and science while at the same time continuing to disperse the idea of the MIND AWARD as it was originally intended?

The independent jury is supported by an interdisciplinary council representing all of the sciences and all political directions.

The MIND AWARD functionaries and committees comprise appointed advisory boards, jurors and often high-profile, recognised ambassadors whose profession aligns well with the goal of the award and its purpose.

The MIND AWARD was initiated in 2009 and started out with one jury award and additional special awards. Since 2014 (and within the realms of given possibility) special awards are awarded in the four categories that have evolved over time: awareness, education, science and art (culture).

The special award is awarded at the discretion and recommendation of the jury for special achievement or for a life’s work. It is not always easy to keep categories separate and this is partly the idea — after all, the work of those nominated is often very multifaceted.

The award ceremony is most often held as part of a high profile event with media involvement.

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